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  1. okbluemax

    Question about leaving KLX400R fuel petcock open...

    I have 7 bikes in my garage all four stroke dirt bikes, If the bikes are not started for over two months they won't start.( Gas goes Bad ) Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter inlaw and grand kids. ( I knew some one would ask!) I now turn the gas off and run the carb. dry. Get ready to ride turn gas on, fresh gas in carb. bike starts everytime. Seems the smaller cc the motor the quicker the gas goes bad! ( smaller float bowel ? ) I found this out years ago when I had a Boat Motor with four carbs on it, it was easyer to run the carbs dry than have to drain the old gas out of four carbs every time I wanted to go to the lake. If the o-ring in the petcock ever goes bad on a klx 400 they will tell you you can't buy just the o-ring (not ) go to a Suzuki shop and buy one for a drz400/ same bike. okbluemax,
  2. okbluemax

    What's a good price to ask for my DRZ?

    Just tried to trade my bike in on a new one. They said mine was worth $1200. It looks new and has been ridden maybe 200 miles on fire roads in Colorado. I am ordering a dual sport kit for it right now. Good Luck.