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  1. wifesdrz

    klx110 creeps forward in first, is this normal?

    Cleaned out the carb and replaceds the pinched throttle cable and it still creaps forward. I guess I can take a look at the clutch?
  2. wifesdrz

    klx110 creeps forward in first, is this normal?

    That is going to be next. The bike took a few more kicks to start than it should, I don't think the previous owner took care of it.
  3. wifesdrz

    klx110 creeps forward in first, is this normal?

    Yes, I tried several different settings on the idle screw today.
  4. We just got a 2006 klx110 for my son. When he puts it in first on the ground or on the stand the rear wheel moves. The throttle cable adjustment is all the way in and I tried the clutch adjustment screw. Is this norma for the bike to creep forward in first or do we have an issue? Tanks for the help.
  5. I was looking at a ktm 2004 DS for sale. I know the last chance for DS was Jan04. This bike was registered in Oct04. He claims its legit, I think not. I did read if the process was started by 1/30/04 it could be legit. Any info on that. I will not risk having the plate revoked, tired of my green sticker. thanks for any input
  6. wifesdrz

    purchasing 1999 250exc

    I may be buying a 250exc 2-stroke. Are there any inherent issues with the bike? Thanks for the info.
  7. I registered my wifes little 2004 drz125L in Arkansas with a dual sport plate. I want to try and pass it by california. The main road block is the sticker on the exhaust, it is a green sticker bike. Any more tricks or laws to look out for. Its worth a shot thanks todd
  8. wifesdrz

    drz jetting (Needle)

    I finished installing a pro circuit pipe and used a 20 pilot jet, 107.5 main, and the last thing to do is install the ttr adjustable needle. If anyone has done this what setting do I place the clip on? top thread, 2nd or 3rd from the top? thanks
  9. wifesdrz

    rm-frz rear shock trouble

    went to bolt in an 06rm85L shock in the drz. The shock bolt holes were 3/4inch longer and the head of the shock was wider than the mount for the shock. Will the 85L not fit? or did the ebayer give me the wrong shock? thanks
  10. I am trying to register a new drz 125 as a dual sport in arkansas. The dmz said it would be possible, but when submitting the paperwork I was told the title read off road only. Don't most pre-dual sport bikes read this way originally? Any tips on where to go from here? Thanks Todd