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  1. i have a tak 115 superhead kit, i was thinking about upgrading it to a stroker kit. what is the most dependable upgrade for this kit. i dont want to build a grenade, but i might as well use the kit. thanks
  2. zicazoo

    wverrring noise in my xr100

    thanks guys, i'm going to adjust the cam chain and see if that does it.
  3. zicazoo

    wverrring noise in my xr100

    i have a new to me 1999 xr 100 pretty low hours by the looks of it. it e\runs good but it makes a slight "wverrr" when you give it gas. it does it every time all the time the gas is on. i probably would not worry too much about it but my two other hundys dont make that noise. i know its a lousy description, sorry, i dont know another way to describe it. it does increase pitch with rpm but gets no louder. any guesses?
  4. zicazoo

    Another conversion question

    i have a 2002 cr80 motor that is sweet if you are interested pm me
  5. mine is a 2002cr80/06dmc with an Engines Only 120. its great. the things it needs now #1 tall seat foam and cover(for me). does anyone know where to find this. the next is a good kick start lever(for the wife). the stock one pushes your foot out off the peg a bit. I found one off an old XR75, the kind that pivots at the bottom. it sits closer to the bike when in but the pivot at the bottom hits the footpeg and leaves you a shorter kick stroke than the stock one.(which is also short). has anyone come up with a solution to this. the short kick stroke + the higher compression make the bike hard to start for my wife, the light flywheel makes it stall easier,so she likes her xr100 better. Its good for me, but i would like her to ride the 120. I already have a crf250x and a ktm520.
  6. zicazoo

    Intro and my crf100 dirt tracker

    that looks like fun. whats up with the forks set backwards?
  7. zicazoo

    question about my cr80/xr100 conversion

    oh now it's all in good fun... my bike looks a bit different from that now. when it gets sunny i'll take some new pics
  8. zicazoo

    question about my cr80/xr100 conversion

    here are some pics. Practice posts. I'll put up some with more technical detail if they work http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i100/zicazoo/IMG_0465.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i100/zicazoo/IMG_0464.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i100/zicazoo/IMG_0473.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i100/zicazoo/IMG_0472.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i100/zicazoo/IMG_0465.jpg
  9. zicazoo

    question about my cr80/xr100 conversion

    I'll try to put up a pic soon. It has the stock rubber pieces but DMC put a riser under the back one. I have to figure out the pic posting, and take some pics. pretty buisy this week but i will try
  10. zicazoo

    question about my cr80/xr100 conversion

    if you are using the stock tank they probably moved it so the carb would fit under it. try an XR100 tank and make some mounting brackets to put it in a place that works. on my 2002 the stock tank was a problem with the carb but a 100 tank went right on with the help of two small brackets and now you could put two carbs under there. there is a bunch of room.
  11. zicazoo

    2004 Dr-z125 $400?

    a 2004 for 400? that is a deal. get some new plastic, and some bars, I"ll bet it just needs the jets cleaned. all the broken stuff that you mentioned is all the stuff you break anyway. 2004? i'd buy that in a second.
  12. zicazoo

    2002 XR100 drum brakes

    another trick is centering the brakes. After it is all back togather, but before you tighten the axle nut, squeeze the brake lever, and snug the axle nut while the brake is still on. then let it off and tighten the axle nut. with these little brakes every little trick helps.
  13. zicazoo

    Takegawa carnage

    minoutlaw, how long did the takagawa setup run for (hours) before the carnage? and what type of riding? I have one of these laying around and have been hesitant to install it on my wifes rig for fear of loosing low end power. We were going to put it in a friends kids bike because he's 9 and is starting to really haul ass,But this is disconcerting. By the way, how is the kits low end compaired to stock?
  14. zicazoo

    2002 XR100 drum brakes

    even with all the mods the brakes will still suck. a cr80 or crf150 front end will solve the problem for sure.
  15. zicazoo

    2002 XR100 drum brakes

    remember to grease the cam pivot were it goes through the outside plate too. sometimes brand new shoes need some break in time. I run mine around a bit with the brake partially engaged and then re adjust. I wonder if a cr80 perch would help, they seem to provide more leverage for the clutch pull. I,ve not tried that.