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  1. Ultimate CC

    Pilot Jet Setting...

    I know this has been covered a lot and I have done a lot of reading but I want to make sure I am ordering the correct items to install. I have a 03 crf450r with a full fmf titanium exhaust...since the exhaust has been put on it pops a lot more during decel and gets very hot if it idles for more than a few minutes after running it hard...like it will start pouring out coolant (I do a lot of woods riding with it here in Texas and it gets very hot during the day)...to fix the problem I plan on getting a new pilot jet (I have a 42 so i figured I would order a 45 and 48 to try and richen it up a bit and also order a fuel adjustment screw to make it easier to dial in for the weather changes from day to day). Is there any reason to up the main jet when doing an exhaust on an 03? I saw that some people did and some didn't. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, Dan
  2. Ultimate CC

    Newly Designed DR-Z???

    Thanks for all the input guys, definitely answered my questions, I am just used to the motocross world where every 2 to 3 years your bike is basically outdated so when I looked into the drz and that it has been same for 6 years basically with minimal changes I was just wondering. I can't wait to get the drz and start modding.
  3. Ultimate CC

    Newly Designed DR-Z???

    Yea I am pretty sure I am going to go with the drz no matter what, it doesn't really compare to my 02 crf450r but its a completely different type of bike. I am trading in my 01 660r raptor for it in the near future. I want a bike to basically drive to work (20 mins) and hit up the trails and pipelines occasionally.
  4. Ultimate CC

    Newly Designed DR-Z???

    I am in the market to purchase a dr-z400s and I have driven it and love the bike my only question is does anyone know if suzuki plans on remodeling the dr-z line. I just don't want to go out and buy the bike and the following year they release a newly designed one. I think either way I will enjoy the bike.