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    throttle response on xr250R

    I have a dead spot when rolling on the throttle abruptly from idle...Any I deas on how to correct this? Im sure it has to do with the carb and jetting etc etc....I wouldnt be doing the work myself, but any settings you can share that may eleviate the problem will save me some bucks If I can tell my mechanic exactly what needs to be done...He charges $65 an hour...Maybe I can avoid an hour or two in diagnostic time... The bike is a 95 xr250R,stock carb with XR competition pipe, aloop kit....The dead spot has always been there, even with the cobra pipe I just replaced....So it's not related to the recent addition of the XR competition pipe...Im in NJ a couple hundred feet above see level...Im pretty sure XR's are notorious for this any help would be appreciated...Im trying to achieve that power now feeling without having to replace the carb,,,Any help would be appreciated..
  2. greg239184

    Any six footers on XR250's?

    I just put the handlebar risers on my 95 xr250.....Im 6"1 195 and always felt that while standing the bars were too low, now they feel just right....I paid $43 with shipping for the risers purchased on e bay.......Just type in xr risers on ebay, and you'll see the company that sells them
  3. Hey guys.Thanks for all the input....Turns out Al Bakers XR's only has a pipe for the 95 xr 250.....I tried to order the FMF megamax 2...but the store that advertised they had them, no longer carry them, so I called FMF and they dont manufacture the pipe anylonger....I think im gonna be happy with the Al baker pipe, if it's not quiet enough they have the quiet core insert for it....By the way,off topic but well worth the mention... if you dont have the aloop seat tank combo on your old xr ...you got to get it...I just slapped it on last week It's like a brand new bike....unbelievable difference in overall appearance and feel...But beware, if your trying to put it on a 95 or older (non aluminum frame) your gonna need to do some minor frame modifications....But not a big deal and very well worth it...when I get done with this bike I'll post some pics......Looks and feels more like a 05 crf250x than an 95 xr
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the LOUD supertrap....the purpose of the new can is to quite it up without losing any ponies..compared to the cobra I have now...As luck would have it, I found a FMF megamax II will also fit 95 and older xr 250....Anyone now if Im going to have the same results as the supertrap with the FMF being real Loud also? Its only $239.00 here's the link if anyone wants to take a look...Cut and paste.. http://www.motocrossgiant.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=FMF612&CartID=1
  5. $500 big one's.....Thats going to be a hard purchase....I cant believe there isnt any other options...$300 and Id do it...Im hoping someone else has another idea....Good job at finding the big gun I appreciate your help...
  6. I/ve been going nuts trying to find a pipe to replace the cobra pipe I have on it now (WAY TOO LOUD) Plent of options for 1996 and newer, but cant find one for a 95....I dont want to put the cork back in her by putting the stock pipe back on...Anyone have any suggestions for either a replacement pipe or a way to quite the cobra...I rather buy a new pipe, I trieed opening the cobra to see what it looked like and I just could not get inside no matter what I tried.........Thank in advance