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  1. zook212

    Used 2011 Quick Questions

    Found a bike that seems to be in great condition, 32 hours on the bike. is there anything specific to the 2011 - previous KXs that should get a little extra look down or potentially inspected? before riding out with it i want to really look over the bike and im looking for some known problems or wear areas on the bike once they get some hours!
  2. zook212

    2009 yz250f engine??

    so is everyone expecting a complete overhaul for 09? i was going to pick up an 08 but after this thread maybe i should wait?
  3. zook212


    atleast the RM250 is back one last time. it's too bad that's all we can hope for. well i will most likely be purchasing a RM, now im undecided whether 2 or 4. with that said though, suzukiracer, that is one nice suzuki. neither two, nor 4.
  4. zook212


    thanks, im saving up for one the new model year, and with kawasaki releasing everything, along with yamaha, i expected to see or hear something about the suzuki's. even with bng, each model year is better than the last. i want to see these bikes around for awhile. i heard about the new classes, i'm hoping that will bring new interest to the 2-stroke. for now, i'll be looking forward to september:ride:
  5. zook212


    i'm a twostroke fan, and reading all the magazines seems to point that their will be NO suzuki two-strokes in the new year, is there any news or links that regard the 2008 strokers?
  6. zook212

    The Future

    I have always ridden, and most likely always will ride two strokes. 2007 was an interesting year. Honda showed their lack of support for anything, and KTM showed their ultimate interest in the two stroke. I am torn between the 07 YZ250 and the 07 250SX.My question is whether or not their is a future for the two stroke. i know it is aways argued, but as near as 2008, does anyone know if we will see a two stroke lineup from Yamaha, or from anyone other than ktm? Does anyone have any information on whether all Japanese mnfcturers will follow Honda? i dont want my new bike to become an antique overnight:thumbsdn:
  7. zook212

    2007 Ktm250sx?

    the weight is definitely the first thing i noticed. it was lighter than my old 125! the ktm seems like an amazing bike, i read some reviews, i was just wondering how it held up, reliability, performance, and how you guys liked it if youve been on some other 250s. im stopping by the dealer tomorrow evening, if all goes well, i just might have a shiney orange ride:ride: thanks guys
  8. zook212

    pics of sx 144

    that bike is beautiful. woww.
  9. zook212

    2007 Ktm250sx?

    I sat on one at my local dealer, and wow. I was set on a YZ250, but now im definitley considering a 250SX. How much are these OTD. My dealer didnt seem to have a set price, curiously. I'm thinking maybe a few $$ above a yz250?
  10. zook212

    New YZ125s?

    believe me i would. im 15 and i cant pull of the school and the job. if i did, when would i ride?
  11. zook212

    New YZ125s?

    thanks so much guys. somehow i'll figure out how to get my hands on one. the lowest i saw was an 06 for 4200 and some dealer wanted 5200 for an 06. well hopefully ill join you guys with a yammi two smokee soon. long live the two stroke
  12. zook212

    New YZ125s?

    yes, thanks so much. im 15 and i dont work, so im tryin to get a rough estimate on what im gonna be payin.
  13. zook212

    New YZ125s?

    I am wanting to pick up a 05-06 YZ125 as a fun bike and I am in the market, but in SoCal the prices for the Yamahas are pretty crazy. I was wondering if any of you guys have recently purchased a YZ 125, or any 125, and how much you paid OTD. Im 15 years old, so hopefully I can afford one of these smokers. :applause:
  14. zook212

    New Rm125

    Has anyone purchased an 05-07 RM125 recently. Im in the market and I was looking to see what people were paying for them OTD, I live in SoCal but Im willing to go a little ways outta my way to get a new ride. Thankss:thumbsup:
  15. zook212

    Yamaha YZ125 or YZ250

    definitely the 250. the 250 will accelerate right off the bottom way better than a 125. if your getting close to getting caught with the cops, the 250 is going to give you an edge over the buck 25. I used to ride in Gilman and up in Temecula and that kinda stuff can happen. If you haven't ridden a 2-stroke before i would get the 125, but aslong as you give yourself some time to learn on the 2fiddy, its really up to you. all the pros ride 250's in freestyle these days, i think back a few years travis ran the rm125 in x games. either displacement will allow you to do freestyle, if thats what your in to ride hard