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  1. Awhile back I recieved some great advice regarding suspension ideas for a KLX110. As a result I saved my money and now I'm ready to pull the trigger. I'm looking at a set of KTM forks ready to go but not sure what swingarm to purchase to balance out the bike. I already have a Stratos EL Jefe. Any suggestions. FYI....Looking at a Foes+3 or Sikk+2 because I can score a sweet deal. Also, will either of these work with the Stratos as an effective rear suspension set-up to Balance the KTM Front? THANKS, MKDP
  2. mkdp

    DRZ/KLX 110 Suspension

    Thanks for the good info. The Race Tech stuff might be the ticket. TDC... already do that. Just checking. Still looking to put on the KX 65 front. I assume the fork diameter is bigger than the stock 110 clamps or the TBR clamps which is why I'm not married to the TBR clamps. With the H-bar setup and the TBR clamps I feel like I'm hunched over. Might need to fabricate some risers unless 65 forks are too big than I have $ bugeted for a 3 clamp. Back to the engine mod. As for jetting, I'm pretty much spot on, sometimes. No real popping but not really sure if my power is being maximized. I'm thinking it might have a 134 kit in it already. Again, I haven't had a real chance to open it up and test it. Really looking for performance....engine and suspension. The only cosmetic thing I want to do is get new black plasitcs and slap numbers on it. Everything else doesn't matter. (Current plastics are really haggered.) As I mentioned...the bike has way too much bling as it is. TBR dress-up kit....not really sure if it improves performance or durablitiy but its there so whatever. i'll try to get some picts up next week. Appreciate the help guys. MKDP If you want, check out the Not Hollywood trailer on mkdp.com. you'll need to update Quicktime. Be interested to hear what people think. The actual video is pretty much underground...so tell everyone.
  3. mkdp

    DRZ/KLX 110 Suspension

    Just picked a somewhat modified 110 from a friend of a friend. Hydro clutch, TBR 3-clamps, bars, pegs, Yosh pipe, and way too much bling. (Looking for performance not looks.) Not sure if there's engine work but it appears to have an aftermarket intake and perhaps carb on it. TBR Air filter as well. 1. What problems should I start looking for?...its okay to assume I don't know anything....even though I rode it and checked it over pretty good with a mechanic buddy. (changed the oil twice, cleaned it up, and all i found were some missing bolts (body), bad tires, and bad brakes. Weird kick start thing going on as well. Can't just kick, kick, kick. Apparently I need to wait between kicks. Basically can't kick it over like my big bike. 2. Looking to beef up the suspension. Already planning on a rear shock...Trading parts for parts on that one but what about the front? Looking to get most bang for the buck (just like everyone else). Would love the Shiver....don't have the cash. Thinking about and entire kx 65 front end...can't find one. Read a thread about KX65 swap and realize some of the down falls. Probably just get the forks and a new 3 clamp, keep the stock drums for now and work on upgrading to discs later. Anyone have some options or things to watch out for? Trying to stay around $4-500. 3. Other mod ideas welcome. Thanks, MKDP mkdp.com