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    05 Wr Muffler baffle and end cap mods

    Thanks to both of you for responding. I found a Gytr performance end cap to pop in and the wife and neighbors say it's not noticeably louder than the stock end cap (the one with the one very small tube). they also say it's ALOT quieter than the 660R ATV I had with a white bros newly repacked and most of the plates out. It's about the same as the little two stroke 90cc ATV we have. Do you think the 05/06 silencer is quieter than the 04, since it is an all new construction with packing? If so, is it worth my while to retrofit one on? And what is the "inner snorkel" you spoke of? The 04 end cap comes off the very back with three bolts and an insert can be changed into that bolt on end cap. The inserts do have some tubes that go into the end cap w/ spark arrestor screen. Are those the inner snorkel you are talking about? did you just hack them off with a saw? Thanks again for the input!!
  2. nevertooold

    05 Wr Muffler baffle and end cap mods

    THANK YOU for clearing up the question of the presence of packing in the 03/04 stock silencers! The dealer couldn't even answer that one... This however presents a problem. I am an older guy, sport trial riding, no racing so quietness is more important than high end performance. Just bought a used 04 WR250F w/ 300 hours which has the stock 5TJ-00 stamped at 82db, but it is way louder than that? and not sure why.. Do these things burn out, even if they have no packing? I live in a very uptight Massachusetts suburb who calls the trail police on me if they hear me on the trails much. seriously, 3-5 uniformed guys on ATVs. I need to make this bike as quiet as possible (lower tones are better) and would hope not to rob it of all it's power. Would anyone recommend (keeping in mind that lower tones are better): 1) buying a stock 05 silencer and possibly modifying it? 2) shoving packing into the 04 (even though it isn't supposed to have any)? 3) buying an aftermarket like the FMF Q or similar? 4) or a better idea?? Very much appreciated!