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  1. Dereck

    Who's from NorCal?

    Mt. Shasta, very North
  2. Dereck

    How many of you have Suzuki DR200's?

    I got one for my wife and I think it would be safer if it had enough power to get out of it's own way, but it doesn't. She likes it though and I guess that is what counts.
  3. Dereck

    dr200 mods?

    I have bought a dr200se for my wife because she likes the bike. However I feel it necessary to liven it up a little. What have you guys done? Shocks, jetting? I bought a jet kit and had Jesse Kientz open the exhaust but wanted to see what every one else is doing.
  4. Dereck

    Here it is!! An ALL BLUE DRZ 400!!

    Rack and bag look good, what are those? We know the Blue bike is faster, did that mod add even more power?
  5. Dereck

    Need Advise, What would you do? SCAMMER ALERT!

    It sucks when someone uses Christianity as a self descriptive term and then acts like that. I think there should be some special place waiting for them. Oh yeah, by their own belief, there is....
  6. Dereck

    new to me drz

    thanks to you guys. I bought an '05 400-s and finally got to take it off road a little, I can see my old xt just isn't going to be very busy from now on.