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  1. Brennan82

    How to clean my engine!!

    I can't find this Simple Green stuff at any stores around me so I bought this cheaper stuff. I read the labels and it works pretty much like Simple Green. It's just cheaper and comes in a Mr. Clean shaped bottle. Works the same just cheaper.
  2. Brennan82

    crf150 tires

    I would just go with the Maxxis IT's. That what most people are running on their 150/230's and they are saying there great. I have a Maxxis IT for a front on my 150 (wasn't going to wait 3 months for a rear) and it's lasting great.
  3. Brennan82

    First bike?...

    When I was 12 my little brother got a XR70R. We shared it for about a month or so, I mostly rode my uncle's old Suzuki quad he let us borrow. It was a 2-stroke and the throttle used to stick, so I was scared of that thing for awhile. A little later on we picked up a XR80 for me. Sold the 80 in May 2005. April 2006 picked up a CRF150. Now I'm stuck on whether or not to keep this bike, sell it for a 125 2-stroke, or get a car seeing how I turn 16 in a couple of months.
  4. Brennan82


    I have an EK X-ring. I havn't seen any problems with it yet.
  5. Brennan82

    Adjusting Rear Spring Tension

    Here's what I do. I put the bike onto some kind of stand, milk crate or bucket, etc. Spray the threads on the shock down with WD-40. Let it penitrate for a couple of seconds. Take a wide flat head screw driver and hammer and tap the top lock nut counter-clockwise until it turns. Then you do the same for the bottom. I'm guessing you know how to figure out the sag and all, so good luck!
  6. Brennan82

    need some input

    Power- Uni or Twin Air Filter, pull air box snorkel and exhaust baffle and re-jet. Should run you around $38. Handling- New set of bars (alot of people prefer CR High Bend), 1 1/8 OD stainless steel washers to preload the forks and set your race sag. Also tires. Maxxis IT's front and back.
  7. Brennan82

    125 or 250

    I'm having a little trouble deciding, but I think I know what I want. I just need another opinion. I'm 15 years old, 5'8 (with moto boots) and weigh around 115 (with gear and yeah I know, I'm skinny). I'm coming off a CRF150. I find it heavy, I'm fed up with the suspension, and I just don't like the power it's giving me. I basically ride trails, wide open fields, and there's a track being built near my house so I'll be on that. I won't be racing though. I've never rode a 2-stroke before so this would be my first time. I'm thinking the 125 would be a good starter bike and I'm really leaning towards that. I've heard the 250's are less matience then the 125's for some reason, but I think it would pack a little too much power for my liking. I'm also really good with regular matience, oil, air filter, chain, etc. Is there any problems with the 2004 or 2005 125's or 250's? How long could I get out of a top-end? What do you guys think?
  8. Brennan82

    cyl honing,

    I heard the best thing to knock the glaze off is with a scoth-brite pad and lots of WD-40.
  9. Brennan82

    went to adjust the sag and..

    http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=4525992 You go that way. Spray the threads with WD-40 first.
  10. Brennan82


    Where would be the best place to buy a 2002 YZ85 cylinder? Preferably some place in Canada or has low shipping to Canada.
  11. Brennan82

    150 Reflectors

    Yeah, I just pulled mine off today. Ugly.
  12. Brennan82

    150 Reflectors

    Did anyones 03-05 150 come with reflectors attached to the top 2 bolts on the triple clamp?
  13. Brennan82

    itll hurt....

    How hard is it to install a cam on a 150?
  14. Brennan82

    Urgent Help Needed!

    I was reading stuff on the TT store and they said if you got the wrong item they would happily exchange for what you were looking for and they would even pay the return shipping.
  15. Brennan82

    Urgent Help Needed!

    Were you able to exhange the Mikuni jets for the keihn jets at the TT store?