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  1. nfranco

    2007 640 Adventure watch outs?

    Here's a good start. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=181591
  2. nfranco

    A cool track 640 LC4 project!

    Yup! What he said.
  3. nfranco

    KTM Duke II oil Window

    35 61030019050 CIRCLIP OIL LEVEL GLASS 03 $0.41 36 59030019000 OIL LEVEL GLASS G 1777 Y $14.65 Parts ARE available separately, your dealer is misinformed(or trying to sell you something you don't need, but that would never happen, right?) If I remember correctly the window is mounted in its own seal and the circlip holds it in the cover. Once you have the clutch cover off it should only take 10 min or so to replace the window. KTM recommends some Loctite 243 on the seal (find a parts microfiche). Good luck! nick
  4. nfranco

    Head gasket xr628

    Thank you
  5. nfranco

    Head gasket xr628

    Hey all! for a 100mm piston on a xr 600 what head gasket do you use? are the gaskets for the 650L the same thickness as stock? also is there any way to tell what kind of piston this is(manufacturer)? in the center it reads 3.00MM 4577P12 XH with an arrow pointing at the exhaust side Thanks, nick