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  1. 328somewhere

    KX 65 suspension & Brakes on KLX?

    You can easily use the complete front end and the rear wheel and brakes but the rest task some serious fab work. The forks either need a klx 110 stem and bearings or a completely new set of clamps that cost between 200 and 400 dollars. The brand x minis clamps on ebay are by far the cheapest at 200 plus shipping and they look way better than the stock clamps. They come in either black or polished silver. The rear you will need atleast an extended swingarm with a tab on it and a brake kit from siktendencies that 150 to bolt it all on plus a new brake pedal. This is just the tip of the iceberg for using the kx parts on a klx but its been done and works awesome.
  2. 328somewhere


    good point bdawg. It is a little harry if you dont have the manual. easy to miss something.
  3. 328somewhere

    KLX Big Bore Kit

    the chp privateer kit is definetly a good mod to start but will only get you so far and will more than likely leave you wanting more. Before a big bore i would put a manual clutch in or upgrade the stock clutch and go from there. even porting the stock head is a good upgrade.
  4. 328somewhere


    i somewhat disagree with bdawg. its not that hare if you have any engine experience but i would definetly not do it without a service manual.
  5. 328somewhere

    Spoiler, Live race chat

    that race must have been crazy
  6. 328somewhere

    Finally got an aluminum-framed 450!

    I am a huge fan of the renthal twinring for the 450. it doesnt seem to wear regardless of what chain i have use with it. its not the most blinged out but works great.
  7. 328somewhere

    Can't remove countershaft sprocket nut???

    I always put it in the top gear. stand on the brake, lean over with a breaker bar or impact. hasnt failed yet.
  8. 328somewhere

    press conference for L&M ...

    He sold out. Leaving the outdoors wideopen. "I am going to do a few nationals" JS said. What a joke. I didnt like the guy before and still dont like him. Hope his bike bogs.
  9. 328somewhere

    anyone from maryland

    What are you looking for?
  10. 328somewhere

    Villopoto Vs Stewart Vs Townley

    Its only gonna go a couple ways. 2 much hype over RV or he is going to have what it takes to run with JS possibly pushing him over the edge like RC did. RV has showed he has what it takes to get to the next level which is where JS is at. Something Alessi or the others cant seem to do. Maybe JS will let him be out front and hound him like a dog till he cracks. who knows but i cant wait to find out. I bet when JS's deal comes out there are a lot more kawis for sale.
  11. 328somewhere

    J-Law NOT Fired?

    Come to the dark side FLMX. I was once a red rider now turned blue. You know you want to.
  12. 328somewhere

    Killing the sport

    That is a piece I have no clue on. But i will speculate it not cheap because of the magnesium. I mean if the RandD fuel bowl is like 250 then i cant imagine how much a full carb would cost although i dont think it is entirely mag it still is trick as hell. The suspension techs from showa i talked in 06 said the forks are identical to the stock forks only bigger. Have i seen a set of 1 year old works forks torn apart? Yes, its no different than its little brother. But you are correct they do have to have a full time susp tech which is supplied by showa or kayaba but he does almost all the forks at the races unless like JGR did they hired him on full time but he is still a showa/kayaba employee. Those forks soak anything up and flex like no tomorrow. But its very unrealistic for anyone to own them due to the fact that an amateur even would have to rebuild them every 4-6 hours at the most. Not to mention without said tech to do the one off shim stack to go along with the spring rate and oil level they are pretty much over priced stockers. Are they nice? Hell yeah. Are they worth it? Hell no. I liked the full Factory connection A kit way more.
  13. 328somewhere

    Killing the sport

    Why do people think factory suspension cost like 100k or some absurd amount. They cost no more than regular forks to make but have a high price tag on them to make them unobtainable. The diameter is bigger and the coating are trick but aside from that there really not that custom. I mean every team seems to have a ton of sets of them just hanging around. Do you really think yamaha pays that much a set? If so you are on crack. Look at the JGRMX.com they have a video with like 10 works shocks sitting there. If a shock is suppose to cost like 20k that 200k just sitting around in the shop. If i had that much money in parts i would have a security guard by it at all times. The factories control who gets the suspension and who doesnt. The price just deters people from trying to get it. Keeps the ball in there court if you know what i am saying. If you dont believe me go to Japan and snoop around I bet you find what you are looking for and the price tag is not 100k. Now getting it back here alone with the massive amount of parts it takes to keep said parts "healthy" is a whole other story but it can and has been done. I was going to try it not long ago for someone but shipping and custom cost were a little to much and way to much of a pain to deal with.
  14. 328somewhere

    J-Law NOT Fired?

    How about this scenario. Maybe JS doesnt want RC's 10 outdoor title crown. He is to far behind already because of RC in that race. I mean 10 year 10 titles compared to what 5 years 2 titles working on a 3rd. He will get his undefeated outdoor season to put him in the record books but his career at 22 doesnt have enough time left for 8 or 9 titles (including this year). My personal opinion is he is shooting for MC's throne. Those to are not friends and have had a couple incidents. He only has 1 ama sx title but it would be a lot easier to break MC's win and championship number than RC's outdoor titles and win number. Or maybe the last few years and time off this year have made him realize he just doesnt want to the outdoor for lack of money or injury possibilities or something else. Only he knows what he wants. If you told me i would only have to work 6months a year to make the same as working 12 i would take it and no one on here (unless you dont have a job) can disagree. Seriously, millions to race for 6 months out of the year and traing and do what ever you want for the rest. No brainer. If a fan said to me "i dont like you because you only race sx" my reply would be "oh well someone i dont know doesnt like me because i have done enough in my career to only work half the time" In 10 years mainstream mx in general will mention him but no one will be beating down his door or standing in huge lines for his autograph. So why worry now when sooner or later your gonna be a has been any way. 328
  15. 328somewhere

    Budds Creek **Spoilers**

    That place was weak. No one there boring racing. I did get alot of good pics. Even the JS line was kinda short.