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  1. MX600

    MX573 this weekend?

    I'll be over there on Thursday with a bunch of guys.
  2. MX600

    MX573 this weekend?

    If you're still thinking of going, it's not raining up here anymore. The track will probably be absolutely perfect by about 1pm this afternoon, and just a little sloppy before that. It recovers from rain very quickly, and that's when you get the best conditions. I need to paint a nursery, otherwise I'd come out and play today too.
  3. I just picked up a nice complete '97 RM125 as a 2nd (or 3rd/5th, lost count) bike, and got a great deal on it. It looks like it's pretty low hours. still has the stock front tire, bars, chain and sprockets...all of which need to be replaced... The forks are super harsh, any tricks on changing the oil on these? I haven't worked on these conventionals before. What about engine issues? I was reading something in an Eric Gorr book about exhaust ports and rings. What should I look out for? What parts from more modern bikes will fit? Can I swap cylinders? Head? Clutch basket? etc...
  4. MX600

    Broome-Tioga, Tuesday..

    Hey Tony- Let me know when you're going up again and I'll meet you.
  5. MX600

    mx573 practice track

    yeah its me. been a couple years since I was on TT. rode with dave (turbo) on saturday..he took me over the driveway double, so that was cool. i'll be there on sunday too. hope you can make it.
  6. MX600

    mx573 practice track

    There are elevation changes but most of the jumps are man-made. About 2:10+ lap times depending skill level. My buddy is an A rider and loves the track. This is a video of last weekend (only 2 sections are really recorded). Hope it gives you an idea of the track to see if it's worth a 3-hr. drive to you. If you check out my other vids, you'll see 2 helmet cam laps. Those were shot just after a rain storm, so it was super slick.
  7. MX600

    mx573 practice track

    I'll be there tomorrow (sat may 2). Probably between 10-11 am.
  8. MX600

    mx573 practice track

    Did you make it there? What did you think? I was there Saturday and again this Wednesday. May go back Sat May 2.
  9. I did some searching for this problem and found some information, but didn't see anything that matches my situation. I learned all about oil migration, seals, rings and all that has been covered. I'm looking for some quick advice. It's an '05 that we put Hot Cams stroker kit on it, and ever since then (at least that's when I started noticing it), excess oil has been blowing into the airbox and now is coming out of the spark plug weep hole on the side of the head. I know this could mean rings, oil seals, etc, but I'm looking for some quick advice. We put a new piston/rings in, honed the cylinder and it's still doing it. Is this definitely oil seals? I'm running for a championship this weekend and need to know if the bike will grenade on me. How do I know if it's definitely oil seals, or could it be a cracked cylinder, head or other?
  10. MX600

    125 Kick Idler

    When you say interference fit, and grinding the gear, are you referring to thinning out the idler, or reshaping the gear teeth? I guess I'm understanding it that the idler is too thick, and when running it may or may not rub on the kickstart gear, basically leveraging the shaft to point of snapping. Is that what you're saying? If so, would it make more sense to thin out the kickstart gear instead, because that's gear is not continuously engaged? I just bought an '00 with the same problem. When I re-assemble I'll look at mine to see what the deal is.
  11. MX600

    Who's out there from central & upstate NY

    Morris is in Otsego county near Oneonta, Owego is in Tioga County just west of Binghamton. Then there's Otego somewhere around there too. So we've got: Otsego Otego Oswego Owego...and probably some more....confusing, ain't it?
  12. MX600

    Coudersport, PA

    I rode through Coudersport a few months ago on a street ride. It's a neat little town. I'm not sure what type of riding you want to do, but there's the State forest real close and I think there's legal riding there. I'm not sure how close the MX tracks are, though. Probably a few good ones within an hour or so driving. I think Miles Mountain is pretty close to that, and then out near Jamestown there must be a few. There's a website somewhere for the tracks in that area--I forget the district, mabe 4?(I'm a lot of help, huh?) The street riding is incredible though. Route 6 goes right through there and it's beautiful scenery for hours. Some mountain twisties deeper in the forest, and great 2 lane roads for miles and miles, with lakes etc.
  13. I bought my '02 back in april of '02. I've still got it and ride it regularly. Last year I had the valve issues, so I tore it all down and replaced the valves with the RHC kit and put an '04 piston in while it was apart. Other than that I've put brakes and tires on it regularly, so in 4 seasons I don't consider it a troublesome bike by any means. I never rode the '03 or '04, but I can comment on the '05. My buddy is an expert level racer and let me ride his stock (except suspension) '05. My impresson is that my bike has more lowend (could be the gearing, I run 13/51, he was running stock 13/48). When my bike wanted to sign off on top, his kept pulling. But for me, that didn't matter because I'm a mid-range rider so massive top end doesn't attract me. My bike actually cornered better than his. It felt like I was sitting on my bike while sitting "in" his bike. I could cut underneath better with mine, but hold sweepers better with his. I shouldn't comment on suspension, because he had his professionally done, and I do mine myself. But I couldn't ride his suspension. I felt very uneasy about hitting any semi-big jumps because it was far too stiff and would deflect way to easily. He even commented on how much better mine was. What I learned doesn't make the '05 worse than the '02 but should illustrate that bike setup is really the most important factor. I've set up my '02 to MY specs and I can run much faster laps on it and feel more comfortable on it than my buddy's '05. With a little time and setup I could get the '05 to my level, but I really didn't see any huge improvements that made me hungry for the newer bike. Instead I was sort of awestruck at how well mine still performs against newer bikes...at least for me.
  14. MX600

    New RHC intakes & top end on 2003.

    I had very similar results when I put the RHC intake kit and '04 piston in my '02. It went from a 50-100 kick starter to 1-2 kicks. I also noticed what seemed to be a bit more low-end, which could be just in my mind, or the '04 piston, or just a fresh motor. Probably a combination of all 3. I set my intakes on the loose end of the spec and they're right where they should be a few months later.
  15. MX600

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Miles Mountain has practice on most saturdays it seems. Check out their website: www.milesmountainmx.com The motocross track is really nice. I never rode the hare scrambles loop but have talked to a few guys that help design it and they say it's pretty good. I'm not sure if they have the loop open during practice days, but you can email or call them and find out. The family that runs the track is great and are usually very accomodating, so if there's a group of guys that want to run the loop, they might just open it up for you.