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  1. Hey thanks you all are good help i will try the core gloves and everything.I was riding a 2006 kx450 and never had this problem until i got an 09
  2. Hi my name is Andrew, I currently ride a 2009 KX450F and I am having bad blistering problems with my hands where your calluses usually are. It's blistering under my calluses. I have never had this problem before can someone please help. Thank you, Mud dog:bonk:
  3. Check all your fittings on the carb, you might have an air leak.
  4. My bike has 50 hours on it, and the wrist pin was broke in half. Does anyone know if Kawasaki has a new updated wrist pin? Or do I have to go with Wiesco? Please help. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, Thanks a lot for all the good info. It looks like I am going to have a blast in Oregon. See you all soon! Andy
  6. Hey guys I ride KX 450 and I am thinking about moving to Corvallis this summer, I was wondering where some good riding areas are and if I will need to change my jetting. I am 800 feet above sea level and the avg temp is about 80. I look forward to riding with you guys, Please help. Thank you,
  7. White bros, Carbon Pro, Got to love it! More power from bottom to top.
  8. thank you for all your help
  9. What is your free sag on the bike its self?
  10. I weigh 200 lbs and I am not sure what spring in the rear to go with. Some people say I need a 5.2 and some people say I need 5.6 And I was also thinking about trying devol suspension.
  11. I like ironman sprockt's they last about 1 year
  12. has anyone heard about the white brothers and what kind of power it makes
  13. my kx hits hard on square edges and logs