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  1. Florida

    nice bronc!!! You got an a rider at the house. congrats
  2. another of him last night. can you tell i'm a proud dad?
  3. here is my boy at 3 and here he is at 5 I took this last night. he is entering his first mx race this weekend. He can jump good and has alot of control. I think the training wheels are the way to go.
  4. my son was riding his pw 50 without training wheels at least 6 months before he could ride a bicycle without. training whells are great to start them out. make sure you get the center mount ones and you can start bending them a bit so that soon enough he won't neeed them.
  5. Florida

    you know the beaulieu's will be praying for him. Sorry to hear the bad news jonathan.
  6. there is no way i would send them back those boots are great. I would wear them and forget it that is a good price for a good boot. just my opinion but i love my 08 sg10s
  7. Florida

    love to see you there mark. I know the guy who is running the place and if they let him do his thing he knows what he is doing. I'm curious how l-cross is going to be i ride a track every week that the new guy at l-cross helped set up and it's really fun.
  8. Florida

    He just said that t-ball was boring. When he rides he is always doing something when he plays he feels like he just sits around most of the time. With t-ball we were only making it to ride one day a week because he had to be at the park 3 days a week so he just really misses going riding alot. His coach is bummed because the kid could play but It's not like they keep score anyway.
  9. Florida

    well my prayers were answered my son told me he doesn't want to play t-ball anymore and he wants to focus on mx. So i told him we will be getting on practicing a few days a week. I can start practicing myself and training my son in a sport i am familiar with. I am so stoked :thumbsup:
  10. Florida

    sure is nice of him to show the under side of the bike so we can see the new skid plate. I wish i could be riding but between work the inlaws and t-ball i'm riding one day a week anymore. That is going to have to change really soon:thumbsup:
  11. i have a security sysytem and a chain around all my bikes and a chain that if you cut will set off an alarm. I have been robbed before and i want to try and lessen the chance of it happening again.
  12. Florida

    Don i have been dying to ride one of these. I have so much area i could ride with one and noone would know i was there. I'm gonna try to make it thanks
  13. Motocross

    I don't know guys his dad is a big part of the reason he is where he is today. I was in a professional sport when i was younger with no support from my parents and watched all these guys with family behind them make it to the big leagues. These were all people that i had beat in a bunch of events and they made a living out of it and i ran a drywall buisness Because thats what my parents wanted for me. I mean the guy should tone it down a bit but if not for tony We wouldn't know who mike was.
  14. Florida

    Katie i would love to. We have company comming into town but we will see if i can break free for the day. That would be my first race this year.
  15. Florida

    I've been nursing a stomach flu for 4 days. I can't wait to get out of the house. I will ride this weekend for sure since i sat around all last weekend.