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  1. 215crew

    DRZ400SM fork height?

    I have this bike and i had the same problem when i first got it. I took it in and it ended up being loose spokes in the front. Just a try. Does anyone know where you can get a set of triple clamps for a 2006 drz400sm?
  2. 215crew

    How fast & how did you break 90mph

    I have the 2006 SM not the S. And if you read right i have allot of hop ups. Your talking like it is not possible, it is! I have calibrated my bike and that is with it calibrated. Again i have allot more stuff and money into my bike, then what it seems you guys are playing around with. I have 12.5 to 1 compression. And 15/44 is not stock on the SM they run 14/44. And i have a new rev box that give me 1000 more rpms on top end. So dose mine cut out ? Yes at 127 rev the hell out and tucked and i weight 180 dry. Don't hate just do some of the mods i have done. I am taking the head in to be ported and polished, new dirt bike exhaust valve with the stock intake. Then i am putting hot cams stage 2 cams in. And a FMF bower pack header. And i might put a new piston and rings in if i can afford it. Then i hope to have allot more low and power too.
  3. 215crew

    How fast & how did you break 90mph

    I just put a new mukuni 39mm carb, new dynojet kit stage 2, i switched the base gasket to a stock 400 dirt bike and a new 160/60/17 Pro Pilot tire. Thats with the 3x3 air box, custom pipe and the 15/44 tooth. I hit 127 tucked at high rpms. And yes i think it has allot with how you break it in. I will be honest i did about 300mile and then i was on it allot and it runs like a kitten. I now have 3700 mile on it. And yes changing the base gasket dose allot, i now have 12.5to1 comparison.
  4. 215crew

    How fast & how did you break 90mph

    I have 2006 drz400sm and stock i did 110. I put a pipe 3x3 box mod k&n And i have 15/44 now and i can do 115 now and i run at low rpm"s at high speeds.