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  1. rodwhitejr

    looking for input of this big bore kit

    while i am ok with a 175 /cammed motor, i have been looking for a 230 on the cheap as well..but no dice so far....I would probably split cases, and make my 150 a kick start 230, and then build up the leftovers into a 150 gen 1 e- start..but havent come across a cheap starting point for that ( figured better be a bunch less than going the stroker crank in my bike route to be cost effective) whatever direction I end up taking, it wont be until winter..need a project or two to pass the dark cold months
  2. rodwhitejr

    looking for input of this big bore kit

    Not helping the focus/restraint thing...guess I better find another place for THAT help.. you guys have the same disease Ive got...MORE POWER ( in that monster truck guy voice)
  3. rodwhitejr

    looking for input of this big bore kit

    in my case, its " restraint" that Im trying to exercise...projects tend to get "big" in my garage I built a xr200 for her a couple of years back..by the time I was done, the bike was great for me or an experienced rider, but too hard to start for my wife ,,still too tall and heavy,so we moved on to the 150. shes not riding it much,and I love the little bike for what I do with it, but would like a bit more..Im not afraid of case splitting, etc., but dont want a snortin' race fuel drinkin hi comp, she cant kick it over, kinda motor. (actually , I do, but trying to focus here) I have read all the posts in this thread, and many others, and have a good idea of the choices...probably will stay 175 /cam, but that stroker 188 sounds cool (FOCUS , dummy)
  4. not sure.. I did it over the winter, so i didnt have any pressing time issues. just stood to reason at the time that heat would help, but maybe a long air drying time before use gets the same results. heck, if it doesnt work , you are just another 5 dollar can from trying again
  5. i did my hubs on both my 150 and my ktm400 while I was installing new rims I prepped them good, a light coat of silver, then a light coat of orange ..came out very close to gold anondizing..then, a couple coats of the "wheel clear "...then, a couple hrs in a plywood box with a small heater in front to "cure"...look great, cheeeeeep, and pretty durable..the same treatment on brake pedals and other high wear areas didnt fare as good over time, so I wouldnt hestitae to do it again to areas that dont take a tremendous amount of abuse
  6. rodwhitejr

    looking for input of this big bore kit

    thanks for the reply , torqd it would appear there is no question as to the reputation that COESHOW has here..and very well could be that I choose to go the route you suggest, or similar path..really, was just curious as to this kit ..it comes w a barrel ( not sure if its resleeeved) and looks like all the little stuff..appears to be "bolt on" I guess a question Ive never seen asked, is how much gain is there with just the 25cc increase...if I went with a cam on my stock bore, and experimented w a carb, are the 25cc making much difference? I already have a t4 exhaust ( too loud, but came w the bike, as did a bbr rev box) and all the other easy stuff..jetting, snorkel etc... struggling with the standard thinking everyone has .."bang for the buck"
  7. looking to add some uummph to my 150...been reading and pricing, and believe i am looking for the 175/cam/ carb route .. has any used the takegawa hyper kit fro two bros ? heres the link: http://www.twobros.com/cgi-bin/shopper?search=action&sku=023_1-05-0102&searchstart=0&template=Templates/TBRSearchResult-SimpleCRF150.html seems all inclusive, but also seems a bit cheaper than other ways to get to the same place ( or similar place ) not doing this until winter ( probably) ..Im an older guy, using the 150 as a trail layout /work bike , occasional mini mx track ride, and still want my daughter and wife to handle the bike ( after all, thats why I bought the bike to begin with) any inputs would be great
  8. rodwhitejr

    How are the 93 300's?

    the other thing to consider is that vintage of ktm ran the sem ignitions that were quite prone to failures..I put 3 stator assys on mine in a 4 year period..97 and newer have much more reliablility as well as a better handling chassis
  9. rodwhitejr

    Gearing for 300EXC

    the older bikes had 14/52 new..I like the 13/52 here in the east..with the exc wide ratio it all seemed to work
  10. rodwhitejr

    04 Kuibblewhite valve issues

    I did just exactly the same steps in my 04 last week....rode it only once so far and did reshim one intake, but it was on the tight end of spec when I put it all together. Sure hope someone has an answer for you, since i could potentially be in the same boat. Hopefully yours will settle in soon....seems like alot of $$ to spend if nothing was gained
  11. rodwhitejr

    Enduro question.

    a reset is simply a point where mileage jumps ahead while the clock runs, thus givinga break..that is not a known control and, as such, the rules do not apply. at least here on the east coast, a club usually only gives a known control as the start and at the finish. the gas availables are NOT known controls but gas stops are, so those rules apply to gas stops hope that helps some
  12. rodwhitejr

    Fastest you have been on your pit bike

    I was clocked doing 110 by a state trooper just before I did a 140 ft triple on my sdg...I would probaly been faster but I dont have a third gear and that new powerband I bought off e bay hasnt arrived yet
  13. rodwhitejr

    Problem with the 04 kx250f

    if the kickstarter turns the motor over at all, then it probably isnt just the kickstarter.....highly suggest checking the valve clearance...the symptoms you describe are typical of too tight valve clearance..Ive had mine tighten up to the point there was no clearance ( the intakes would not close)..which is why the low compression...get that checked BEFORE assuming more is involved..probably all thats needed is the valves adjusted.
  14. rodwhitejr

    Problem with the 04 kx250f

    Ive had the same thing on my 04..sounds like intake valve clearance issues....The other symptom would be no compression when kicking....valves need reshimmed is my guess
  15. it is universal numberplate backgrounds, just clear instead of colors....comes in the same flat, square sizes . If trimmed and applied witha little heat, it will be totally transparent and offer cheap protection