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  1. i was there watchin the practice and J-Law helped another rider to the medics because the other guy couldn't get there himself after he crashed. i dunno who it was though.
  2. i'm lovin the metal mulisha graphics
  3. MMTroop

    Lets see The Rm's

    picked up a new 06 RM250 in mid july. just haven't gotten a chance to upload them on here.
  4. MMTroop

    torque of front sprocket bolt

    ok thanks guys
  5. MMTroop

    torque of front sprocket bolt

    What is the torque of the bolt that holds on the front sprocket? i don't have a service manual, and i can't find it in the owners book. and its an 04. thanks.
  6. MMTroop

    Steel City MX

    i'm gonna be there with my friends dad's sound company. they are having huge speakers raised in the air. i'll be right under them. they did the same thing at high point which was real cool. heres a link to my photobucket of one of the pictures i saved from transworldmotocross.com. http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b156/MMTroop/untitled.jpg im the one right under the speakers with the dark blue shirt.
  7. MMTroop

    04 Crf250r

    not sure about prices of bikes, but i have had my 04 for 2 1/2 years and it's been pretty good. it has the stock valves and piston. everything engine wise is stock and still runs good. i'm not one of those people who change oil and and air filters every ride either and it still runs good and starts on the 3rd-5th kick everytime. the only thing i'd take a precaution on is the valves, from what i hear all the time they aren't that great on the 04, but again mine is fine. i would just clean the filter and change the oil and oil filter before riding, and new gas.. just my thoughts..
  8. No, I'm not on his friends list, let alone have I ever viewed his page. But I am truely sorry that I don't lurk forums looking for Professional racer's Myspaces and then add them just to be cool. But for people who do that, go right ahead, no harm in doing it. Your just being a dedicated fan I guess you could say. Also, if you would like, you can make yourself feel better and call me loser for adding Pro FMX riders. Though I want to say if I were into racing as much as FMX, I'd add the racers I looked up to like the Freestylers, but I don't.
  9. good job giving his myspace away. now everyone will annoy the hell out of him. oh yeah, and those pictures are real, but Renner goes bigger still.
  10. MMTroop

    Is He Crazy!?!?

    Still, my vote goes to Renner. I've seen renner go bigger. Nonetheless, that's a great whip.
  11. MMTroop

    Whats the most commonly broke item on this bike??

    throttle tube and broken radiators
  12. MMTroop

    Top Speed?

    Well, this is mostly an estimate, but i watched a show on ryan capes setting the world record distance jump on a cr250, with gearing changes and a different pipe. and that bike hits 90...they had a speedometer like u see on the highway in construction areas. so i say a stock 250 2 stroke goes about 85 or so. i dont know if that helps or not.
  13. MMTroop

    2004 crf 250 pros and cons

    the only thing that has been bad on my 04 is that the radiators bent, then they started to leak, but my bike landed on a log both times. so braces are a must. also when i first got the bike it burned oil for a couple of months. after that. no problems. i've only had the valves adjusted twice in the past two years. my mechanic said they barely had any bit of wear on them. that was about 3 months ago and they are still in spec and they are stock. but its the bike itself and how i ride it.
  14. MMTroop

    crf150f question?

    just keep the 250f, you'll grow quicker than you think. i was almost the same when i got my 250f. in a year and a half i grew and now i fit the bike perfectly. you'll adapt to it.
  15. MMTroop

    5'2" 95 pound kid on a CRF450!!!!

    may be off quite a bit, but my buddy is 5'5 and 140lbs and he had a 95 kx100 and went straight to a 06 kx250 and rode it like he had for years. but like i said there is quite a difference in weight and height, but still its not impossible, its the rider.