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    Hope you guys realize you're the exact reason there aren't more moto movies. Why don't you atleast support the people that support this sport and quit downloading. If a fraction of the amount of people bought, instead of downloaded, EPIC I would've actually had a budget to do another one this year. Instead, I couldn't do one because of the lack of funds. Give yourselves a round of the applause. Thanks for the nice comments, though.
  2. Goatty432

    Vurbmoto: EPIC.torrent

    All of you that bought EPIC, thanks for your support. In regards to the torrent link, this makes me sick. We spent so much time, energy, and huge finances to make this movie happen, and to see people in my own sport pirate my stuff -- unbelievable. Berko, I don't even know what to say to you, but I would very much appreciate if you deleted it off mininova altogether.
  3. Goatty432

    sneak peak stewarts compound

    Well, I must say the place is absolutely amazing. I was at a loss of words when we arrived...just stunned. 3 Supercross tracks, a ridiculous outdoor track, and a few beautiful homes. We just posted up a photo gallery that'll give you a little better look at the compound. http://www.vurbmoto.com/P2D/photos/942-general-galleries/1997-the-stewart-compound.html
  4. Goatty432

    DMXS experiment: day 1

    The finale was set up with the cop of course, just so we could get the shot. We were too far away and only had Kevin mic'd up, so the audio didn't work out as well as we wanted. Either way, we had a blast doing it.
  5. Goatty432

    Good old fashioned battle

    This was the first weekend I started shooting with the panasonic HVX 200. It's an HD camera, but all that footage was shot in SD 480i. I pretty much ran stock settings on the camera, as I hadn't had much time to play with it. Our whole flash conversion process also helps out with our quality as well. Thanks for all the comments/compliments though. Thanks for checking out the site!
  6. Goatty432

    Cool Video

    There are a few bugs in IE6 that we are working on that disable the links in that specific browser. We do recommend upgrading to IE7, safari, or firefox. You definitely won't have any problems then!
  7. Goatty432

    Cool Video..."A Year In Mx"

    I assure you that the video footage was NOT sped up. But yes, he is that fast.
  8. Goatty432

    Cool Video..."A Year In Mx"

    That kid is Jason Anderson, whom of which is one of the fastest kids on 80's, nationally speaking, right now. He's the only rider to go undefeated at Loretta's this year. He'll dominate the 80 ranks if he stays on them this year, but I have a feeling he'll bust out some 2 stroke schoolboy classes.
  9. If you haven't heard, there was one gentlemen that came over this summer from England, bought and RV, and drove to every single one of the Nationals. Cool video that gives a bit of insight on the last leg of his trip from Freestone to Glen Helen. http://www.ayearinmx.com/videos.html#ayearinmx Riders included are: Jason Anderson Dean Wilson James Justice Ricky Renner
  10. Goatty432

    matt lemoine... What song is this?

    Link to the newest Matt Lemoine Video: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=2018444647 The previous link was from the beginning of 2006. The new one is from the March 07. Wes
  11. There are a slew of videos up from the Oak Hill GNC Final, which took place last week, up at www.allegiancemx.com and www.racerxfilms.com . Both sites have alot of other videos up as well, all of which are pretty good. If you're into amatuer motocross, the oak hill vids will be a good fix.
  12. Goatty432

    Another really fast kid!!!

    Yessir, thank you all for the nice comments!
  13. Goatty432

    The Prospects

    In all relativity they may be smaller bands, but in the indie market they are all quite big. Most of the music used is off of the Volcom Entertainment label, with a couple of bands that are on the brink of going really big such as Pepper and Riverboat Gamblers. If you are interested in Amateur Motocross, I don't think you can go wrong with this video...even though I am quite biased!
  14. Goatty432

    Another really fast kid!!!

    All the footage is realtime, except the few slow motion parts. We don't speed up footage. Matt is just that ridiculously fast. All that footage was shot last year during the entire month of march, from Whitney on. Matt is already killing it in Supercross, just wait until he gets outdoors!
  15. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=1897814032 Just a quick glimpse at some of the kids to look out for this year, including Les Smith, Derek Rogers, Justin Barcia, Brandon Mays, and Adam Cianciarulo.