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  1. eldrapo

    husaberg fe fx?

    hey what is the difference between a 650 fe and a 650 fx? acb
  2. eldrapo

    Gearing combo question

    check out chart http://www.renthal.com/features/ratio.asp
  3. eldrapo

    rear tire

    I ride hard in the Arizona desert, new to the WR been a die hard CR5 guy for ever, what is the hot set up for a long lasting but well mannered rear/front tire on the WR. acb
  4. Hey one more time, do you know if yamaha has part no.s for different size leak jets? or should I go to sudco? acb
  5. yea i'm with you, thanks, acb
  6. I just purchased up a sweet 04 wr450 with maybe 5 hrs on it and I am sorting it out and preparing to get serious with the carb. I am a chart reader jetter, and I use the Keihin needle chart based on how the stock needle perfoms to decide my next move on the needle. If I know the sizing of the stock needle I can save a lot of time making a decision on which way to move.
  7. Do any of the jetting gods know how to convert Yamaha's (WR) oem jet needle numbering, to Keihin's ? thanks
  8. eldrapo

    04 wr450 fork spring shim

    41.2mm where do those big boys go in the grand scheme of my fork? in the manual yamaha shows a washer below the spring on to of the cartridge. I guess they could br that big but sounds scary.
  9. Good evening, anybody know where I can buy fork spring shims? Yamaha lists them in the manual by Part No.-4SS-23364-L0, you would think with all the friggin dealers in the Phoenix area one would know how to find them! Thanks
  10. eldrapo

    Grey wire mod linked to engine smoking???

    Is your coolant low? is der nofreeze going out the exhaust?
  11. eldrapo

    Recomendations on Rear Sprocket Size?

    here is a great chart to get your final drive ratio exactactly where you want it. http://www.sv1000.inuk.com/faq/gearing/ratios_chart.htm