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  1. turboskull

    98 400 oil leak

    Thanks for the info,I think I will ride the bike a little while before tearing it down (I dont want to get off of it,this thing is awesome)!
  2. turboskull

    98 400 oil leak

    Just purchased a 98 400,previous owner claims he just installed a new top end,problem is after engine comes up to temp, oil is seeping from the base gasket on the flywheel side.Question is, are oil leaks common with this motor or do I need to tear the motor back down because of a poor rebuild job?Question #2,on the flywheel side, on the lower half of the case ,under the shifter, there is a anodized blue cover,is this factory,and if not what is it for?Question#3,on the float bowl of the carb there is a red adjuster,I am assuming this is adjustment for the accelerator pump?and whether it is stock or aftermarket.This is my first fourstroke dirtbike so I am a little unsure on maintenance ,valves, timing chain etc.,so any advice would be helpful.Thanks.
  3. turboskull

    98 YZ400 stock tank/seat

    Well I may have a line on a tank and seat thanks to a fellow Thumper Talker,Thanks.
  4. turboskull

    98 YZ400 stock tank/seat

  5. turboskull

    98 YZ400 stock tank/seat

  6. Looking for a stock tank for a 98 yz 400,cash or trade my oversize Clarke tank,also does anybody know if my oversize tank takes a special seat? it (my current seat)looks a little on the tall side for a stock tank.Thanks