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  1. it will be a swamp, plus i am sure all the derilect quad guys have been out rutting it up anyway.
  2. guys please dont give up the location of the good single track that is left at chadwick, there could be quad spies eyeing this topic. it should be kept as a secret knock type of thing. either you know were it is or you dont.. but trust me it is there.
  3. they might be smooth until an ice storm hits the place 3 days before the race turning it into a skating rink, and the sadistic promoters wont postpone..
  4. well put, use the extra money they are making to produce new singletrack trails and prohibit atv access..
  5. i have that exact setup on my 07' and i follow the jetting specs on procircuit.com.. and it works really well, no spooge what so ever and the plugs always look great..
  6. have fun and dont quit..
  7. do any of you guys know what the requirements will be for wintersed, as in lights plates, etc.... they have not updated info on the iera site yet.. kinda makes it hard to plan..
  8. i totally agree with the scoring deal.. definetly took longer than it should have...
  9. great race, track was a little rough but other than that perfect..
  10. your videos are some of the best out there, keep up the nice work:thumbsup:
  11. i paid the same.. look around a little more.. you could prollly get an '08 for that much..
  12. yeah stock is 178, for some weird reason they send an extra 178 instead of giving you a 175!
  13. better bring your swamp buggy.
  14. sorry i have no idea how i posted this 3 times
  15. so i mangled my front brake rotor hitting a tree, was thinking of getting an oversized front rotor just curious of anyones opinion on these, bike is an 07 yz250 smoker.. thanks.