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  1. Stock Settings Pilot screw- 2 1/8 turns out Slow Jet or pilot- 40 Clip position- 2 Main Jet- 180
  2. When you let the bike sit and there is no air flow through the radiators the engine heats up very fast. Having lean jetting could also assist in making the engine hotter. When you just let your bike sit running is it just idleing?? If so it could just be your pilot circuit screw try this
  3. You can buy bleeder valves that will save you time versus unscrewing it
  4. When the it idles high and then goes back down to normal this means the mixture is a little lean. Try turning the fuel screw out a few 1/4 turns. I had the same problem with mine. It is pretty scary to overshoot the turns.
  5. That video was pretty awesome. I like the the camera angle behind the tire. cool video!