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  1. I accidentally ordered a non o-ring chain for my dual sport bike which is a 2006 KTM 525exc. I only use it a handful of times per year. I always use o-ring chains on my off-road bike, but do you think this will be an issue for the 525?
  2. How bad is it to ride dual sport with a cracked rim like this? can it be welded? Just mount a tire and go? I don't ride anything extreme.
  3. cool vid, Shagnasty. That section at 13:50 in the video is one of my favorite sections. Judging by the pallets of flagstone they staged there, I'm guessing they plan to "smooth" that section out. Too bad. Rode it CCW last weekend, so we went down the section this time. Trail 6 is easier than it ever has been due to recent maintenance.
  4. Let me change what I said earlier. I don't mean that EVERYONE who runs tubliss in the front will for sure get punctures at the rimlock. The terrain I ride is very rocky with stepups, and we ride high speed through it during enduro races. I have helped fellow racers fix flats with tubliss, and their puntures were usually at the rimlock on the front tire due to running low psi. If you ride dirt, mud or sand without much banging your front tire into obstacles, then you're probably gonna be fine. I have a love/hate relationship with my tubliss system.
  5. I've always wanted to try a nitromouse. But don't they eventually wear out? That is expensive for something that needs to be replaced. I don't believe the tubliss wear out. I have 110 hours on mine so far. That's bout 9 sets of tires. How many hours are NitroMusse good for?
  6. I've never seen this so called rimlock puncture. Maybe a couple guys aren't tightening their rimlock down sufficiently. It's much easier to change tires with tubliss installed and if you ride in super low traction situations it's superior to anything else on the market. If you ride rocky desert it's not necessary, run a mousse and never flat again. HellzyaaBuddy, Perhaps because you haven't asked around, or researched the problems with Tubliss. It is not an installation error with the rimlock. Multiple people on this thread alone have confirmed punctures at the rimlock. I can only speak from experience and those who also have experienced it. I have had 4 flats with the front tire, and all were right at the rimlock. Anyway, to answer Doc, flats can happen no matter what with tubes or tubliss. The nice thing about tubliss, is that you can plug it in 1 minute, carry a small bike hand pump in your pack, then keep riding. A flat with tubes means you have to take the wheel off , carry an extra set of tubes and a set of tire irons with you. Not fun to do out on the trails. Running less than say 10psi in your front is a bad thing anyway. You'd have lots of sidewall flex in turns which hampers performance. Running Low psi in the rear means more traction and is a good thing.
  7. Let me clarify...The rimlock for the tubliss system also dubs as the valve in which you fill the tire with air....not the high pressure tubliss bladder itself. The rimlock/low pressure valve will cut the tire if you run too low pressure in the front when you hit a rock just right. I've done some research, and talked to many people out on trails, and sure enough this is a fact. People I've seen with the tubliss usually have a tire plug right at that rim lock/valve area from this happening to them. This is only an issue if you ride rocky terrain. It's not a big deal since you can actually plug the tire and keep going, unless you're in a race cuz the lost time is costly. To help avoid this, the front tire should not be run under 12psi.
  8. 2013 KTM 300xcw. Going for a ride tomorrow and noticed about a tablespoon or two of fork fluid under one of my forks. I used a "seal saver" to clean around the seal and think it may have stopped or slowed the leak. I was wondering if I could add a little bit of fluid through the bleeder port just to get through the ride tomorrow?? I plan to replace the seals and fresh fluid after this ride.
  9. craig3x

    Tubliss grief

    I've run tubliss for years and have learned a few things. You can run the rear down to 4psi no problems, but running the front under 11psi, you will inevitably get a flat at the stem area. Hard hits at the stem causes the tire to pinch at the fill stem and will cut the tire. Nothing a plug can't fix. But it always happens. Plug it, carry a hand pump, and ride on!
  10. I bought Gerry's old 500 exc. He also took me on those secret trails you guys made. Super tight stuff. Tried to get a hold of him recently to do some more riding. So where is the snow level at right now? Trail 6 is doable?
  11. craig3x

    what pump for tubliss?

    my problem isn't reaching the 110 psi. It's when I go to remove the pump from the valve, it releases some of the pressure
  12. craig3x

    what pump for tubliss?

    and it doesn't lose any pressure when you remove it from the shrader valve?
  13. Can anyone recommend a good pump to get the 100psi for the inner bladder on the tubliss? I have 2 different electric pumps that can get the pressure that high, but when I release the pump nozzle, I end up losing about 30psi that I just put in.
  14. craig3x

    help! bike died mid ride- 2013 300xcw

    problem solved! My screen in my muffler was clogged. Start with the simple stuff first, eh?!
  15. craig3x

    help! bike died mid ride- 2013 300xcw

    stator timing? There wasn't anything to do but swap it out. I did check reeds. They are perfect.