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    riding, boating, wakeboarding, snowboarding, exploring. I ride a 2013 KTM 300 XCW
  1. problem solved! My screen in my muffler was clogged. Start with the simple stuff first, eh?!
  2. stator timing? There wasn't anything to do but swap it out. I did check reeds. They are perfect.
  3. so, I thought all was good. Changed the stator and the bike fired up. Took it out to ride, and it runs like crap when the powerband hits. It cuts out like it has a rev limiter or something, but very early on in the powerband. I took the carb off thinking it might randomly thinking possible clogged main jet. I had it professionally cleaned in a sonic washer and put a brand new air filter on as well but that didn't fix it. When its in neutral, it runs and revs perfect, but under load, its cutting out. All that's left in my mind is either the coil or the CDI. What are your thoughts?
  4. Just sending an update. It was in fact my stator.
  5. So true! but I remember the days when thumpertalk members were all very helpful when they could be, and stayed quiet when they couldn't offer any help. Can we get back to that?
  6. no manual, but thanks! this will be very helpful! much appreciated.
  7. are you dumb, or just messing with me? what would that reveal? How about a nasty shock. Thanks man, I'm not stupid.
  8. by plugging in a brand new spark plug and cranking the engine while holding the plug to the head bolt and looking for a spark. There wasn't one. Trust spark is my issue. It is NOT fuel related
  9. It is NOT gas related. There is no spark
  10. I was 20 miles into a ride and my 2013 300xcw just died. I had plenty of gas. I changed the spark plug and checked it for spark. NO SPARK! I disconnected the kill switch thinking it may have a short or something, but that didn't do it either. Why would the bike stop getting spark in the middle of a ride. I didn't crash or anything... just cruising along. What is most likely the problem, and how do I test for it? Help/thoughts/advice is much appreciated!
  11. yes, I found out it was backwards. Thanks
  12. great help. Thanks. anyone else actually know?
  13. BTW....this is a 2013 300xcw
  14. I accidentally took apart the lower assembly to the powervalve and am not sure if I put it back together correctly. What is that little arm that the arrow is pointing at, and is it facing the right way?
  15. Has anyone experienced punctured flats with the Tubliss setup in the front tire? I've heard from a few others that this can happen from the bead lock puncturing the tire. Happened to me last weekend running about 8psi. Not sure if anyone has a solution for this?