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  1. Will a clutch assembly from a 2003 YZ250 fit on a 2001 YZ250. Let me know your source if you can.
  2. Is the oil coming from the pre-mix in fuel? Should I be concerned that oil is coming up from trans oil?
  3. I need to replace the clutch basket on my 2001 YZ250. Does anyone know what other newer year baskets will fit if any. Who has the best prices for clutch baskets and clutch kits. Thanks for your help.
  4. My 2001 YZ250 power valve vent line has some oil coming out of it. Is this normal:confused: Is there wear on something that needs to be adjusted or replaced. Is this a sign of rings needing replacement. I have looked thru the manual and have not found the problem if any. Thanks for your input,Ed
  5. I recently purchased a 1984 XL350R and would like to know if there are any carb adjustments/rejetting that I can do for better performance. I used to have a XR 400 and the carb adjustments that I did made a major difference. Any help would be appreciated. What other adjustments can be made to a stock bike? PS Located in Florida