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  1. rspain85

    How to turn a 04 Cr250 into a MX specific machine?

    You beat me to this. Sure looks to me like RC is using the clutch on both 2 and 4 strokes. Hmmmm, I would like to think that John wouldn't argue with the Goat, but I could be wrong. Bottom line is that if you are fast, you are abusing the clutch. End of story. If you prefer to ride without it, that's totally up to you, but I'm almost 99% sure that we wont see you on the podium.
  2. rspain85

    97 Cr250 wood suspension setup?

    See, I had no idea bout the binding issue. I'm just looking at any way to improve it because the way it is, it's way too harsh off road. But the 02-Up parts that I have looked at so far, are few and far between. It seems as though everyone is still keeping those bikes alive instead of parting them out. I was also thinking about either a new top triple or some offset bar risers. You think it made a noticable difference?
  3. rspain85

    How to turn a 04 Cr250 into a MX specific machine?

    You must not be very fast then. These bikes are designed to have the clutch slipped, and all fast riders use the clutch to control how much power goes to the rear wheel in a corner. A 250 won't require as much clutch work as a 125, but fast riders will still use plenty of clutch in the corners.
  4. rspain85

    97 Cr250 wood suspension setup?

    Thanks a lot for that info......hmmmm. now I need to hit ebay.
  5. rspain85

    How to turn a 04 Cr250 into a MX specific machine?

    Amen to that. Setting port timing and squish and swapping carbs and all that bs isnt going to make a damn difference. All these 250 2 strokes have more power than 90% of riders can handle anyways. To all of the people that keep going on and on about increasing the low end, why? It's a 2 stroke, it's not ever going to have a bunch of low end. You know that little lever on the left side of your handlebars? Pull it in a little bit and guess what? The motor will pick right back up.
  6. rspain85

    97 Cr250 wood suspension setup?

    Thanks for the advice.
  7. Im about done with rebuilding my 97 cr back from the dead. But as it is, the suspension was done by Pro Action and revalved for MX and resprung for a 130lb rider. This setup doesnt perform worth a hoot off road obviously, and since this is now a woods bike, what do you guys recommend i do about the suspension? I dont wanna pay to have it redone again. Do you think just playing with the clickers will get me somewhat close? Also, how much sag should i run? Different capacities of oil? Weight of oil? What exactly can I do to kinda "get me by" for the time being? I've never really learned much about suspension in all of my days of riding, and now seems like a better time than never.
  8. rspain85

    CR250 not running right?

    You guys are making WAY too big of a deal about jetting being affected by mix ratios. The difference in going from 32:1 to 50:1 is SO minute that it's not going to affect the jetting hardly at all, if any. And to the OP, 50:1 is pushing your luck. Run that thing at 32:1 and know you have plenty of oil going through that thing. Also, I agree with the guys telling you to clean the powervalve. If the PO was mixing that damn rich then there's probably gunk all over that thing. You're sputtering in the midrange could be from either powervalve or jetting or a combination of the 2.
  9. rspain85

    Post pics of your CR's

    Arent you worried the first time you lay it down and bend or flex that brake lever, that 6mm locknut is going to punch a hole right in that magnesium clutch cover? I would get a rivet gun and rivet it back on.....
  10. Well like i said, i had a hot rods that did the EXACT same thing with only 40 hrs on it. Pulled the tin away next to the lower rod bearing and also dented the cylinder just like that. Hot rods crank and wiseco piston with 40hrs on both
  11. rspain85

    How to turn a 04 Cr250 into a MX specific machine?

    Your posts give me a headache. Your hyping up Factory Connection suspension (which there is nothing wrong with), when you havent even rode that roller you bought, because it is just that, a ROLLER. So how do you know how great the suspension is? And your not automatically making more power when you get a dremel and polish all of your ports to a mirror finish. Some of that roughness is actually needed, and it takes a lot of knowledge to actually know how to shape the ports correctly or you are doing more harm than good.
  12. +1000000000000000000000000
  13. rspain85

    97-99 CR250 Crank thread size. (need tap)

    Yes thank you. I already figured it out and borrowed a M10 x 1.25 tap and fixed the crank and got a new bolt so everything is in check now.
  14. rspain85

    97-99 CR250 Crank thread size. (need tap)

    That's what I usually do, but this bolt is TRASHED, and there's no way I will get anything to thread onto it. I was hoping someone could just tell me what the threads are. May have to wait until I get the new bolt.
  15. I think I screwed up and didnt tighten the primary gear onto the crankshaft. Whatever happened, the bolt backed out and messed up the threads in the end of the crank and I need a tap to clean them out. Does anyone know what size and pitch threads they are?