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    Ottawa, Canada local mx track :(

    I happen to be a member at that track. I'm a junior level rider and i'm 36 yrs old. I find the track to be a lot of fun. I'm freinds with the people at MX101 and I know how hard they work to keep that track up. Did you know that they are building us a supercross track and offering lessons to ride the track. I think that the Eastern Amateur Nationals, the provincial, the pro national and the atv nationals that were held there were some of the best events in Canada for motocross last year. Then folks at MX101 worked day and night to make sure that the track was safe and fun for everyone. From beginners to the pros; everyone had fun with very few injuries. I'm sure at some point changes have been made for the water system but i think we can put up with it considering everything else they do for us at that facility.
  2. Eagles Nest Motocross please, lol. A little practice track that is about 5 or 6 feet wide with rock hard dirt, bowl corners with no berms and as far as I know still doesn't even have a starting gate. It is hard to ride though because if there is anyone in front of you it is impossible to see through all the dust. I did a little reading and nice call on the dates and times of cr85racers posts seems a little fishy to me (but hey we all like to think we are faster than we are, right?). As for buying a new clutch he said it has a full Hinson and you can't get better than that. If you're gonna race at Gopher Dunes at all you will want to go closer to 105mm for your sag. I would recommend going to their first practice of the year. Mike will be there from FC and he does free sag and clicker setups. Made a huge difference for me this spring.
  3. Mozza35

    Suspension swap

    The reason would be because the 06 suspesion has been done by FC and the 04 has not. I like the motor in the 04 so Id like to use it.
  4. Mozza35

    Suspension swap

    i want to swap suspension from an 06 yz250f to 04 yz250f What problems am I going to run into and how do I fix them. Just answers and information without any sarcasim would be greatly appreciated