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  1. webber714

    DRZ 400sm quarter mile wheelie race track

    hey dude more power to you my brother!!!! thats what i do all day long on my 05sm thats the exact reason i bought my bike plus the jumping 1st to 5th gear wheelies are what the bikes are all about the only problem is when the front tire stops spinnng sometimes when i put the front end down it tends to headshake until the tire catches back up to speed! maybe the reason people are giving you a hard time is because they cant appriciate or do wheelies like people like us keep up the good work making "us" proud!
  2. webber714

    Dirt wheel set for SM

    what issue of dirt rider did you find this information?
  3. webber714

    Dirt wheel set for SM

    maybe you can help, the sm uses the same forks and swingarm as an rm250 so shouldnt rims from an rm fit? the s model has the box section swingarm and conventional forks i dont see how s model rims will fit?!
  4. webber714

    Recommended Rim size for off road

    when you figure this dilema out please let me know, i have an 05sm also and was thinking of doing the same thing. as for using rims from a 400 e/s i dont think that they will work, i was thinking of using rims from an rm250 seeing that theses bikes use the same forks and swingarm as our 400sm. maybe im rigt maybe im wrong but do a little research with that option and let me know what you find out, thanx and good luck!!!!!
  5. webber714

    "Classic" FCR39 Installed! (w/ pics)

    o.k. now im sold, i have been thinking of doing this for some time now i have over 2500 dollars worth of options on my 05sm and thats the one thing i dont have but need in my life do you have the part number and place you got it from?
  6. webber714

    3/4 Throttle surge...too rich or too lean?

    i am about to do the 3x3 airbox mod to my 05 400sm any advice before i do it. you are the second person that i know of that has had problems?!
  7. webber714

    2006 drz 400 sm..help

    hey dude i have an 05 model with a bunch of upgrades, i was wondering how well the cam worhed on your bike, and was also wondering why you didnt put the exhaust cam in the motor also thanx.
  8. webber714

    '04 KLR650, Whaddayathink?

    hey dude forget about that used one sounds like a big headache to me have you considered an xr650l or maybe a drz400? i have had both and and think either one is a better bike than the kawasaki, depending on what type of riding you do. the kawasaki is better for the long haul on the street, but if you plan on riding offroad more i would check out the honda or suzuki, just my opinion good luck in whatever you buy.
  9. webber714

    i need some tips on klx110

    hey dude i cant really help much with suspension but i bought my 8 year old son an 06 model, and put about 1000.00 dollars worth of opptions on it alot of red, and blue aluminum stuff it helps in the weight savings dept and is some major eye candy! im not too good with computers but ill try an get some pictures of the bike on here and send them to you its totally trick, looks like a factory bike minus the suspension