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  1. Back in the 70's and 80's in Lake County California, best known for being home to California's largest natural lake- Clearlake, was home to an outdoor motocross mecca called "Oasis Motocross". During that time, riders like Dick Mann and Brad Lackey were among the literally hundreds of riders that flocked to the track to ride & race. In the mid 80's the track was shut down, for a variety of reasons. In 2009, this track is being resurrected by local Lake County AMA pro Jeff Mann Jr. (www.jeffmannracing.com) The facility should be open to public around April 2009; and will include a full blown SX track (Pro license required), an outdoor motocross track, a quad track, pee-wee track, WORCS off road course, and even a paintball gaming area. The facility will also provide a full pro motocross training facility that will include a gym, massage therapist, trainers, nutritionists and everything else the aspiring privateer professional could need in order to make to the top of their game. We envision a westcoast version of the Millsaps Training Facility. In addition to the MX program, we are also going to be seeking the support of the freestyle community with a freestyle compound, possibly even including a foam pit. Here is a Google map of the location: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=22350+CA-20,+ClearLake+Oaks,+Ca+95423&sll=39.023385,-122.670336&sspn=0.048344,0.111237&ie=UTF8&ll=39.026985,-122.468194&spn=0.006043,0.013905&t=h&z=17 The main track is already "roughed in" and we test rode it yesterday. Below is a webpage of pics of the area. Pay attention to that long near vertical uphill in the background.......devil: Currently the track you are seeing is over two miles long with lap times approaching 3 minutes, adjustments will be made however, so final layout will likely differ. Pictures of the new Oasis Motocross Facility: http://weruncodethree.com/oasis_web/ Here is a youtube Go-Pro track lap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbneNpjCa40&feature=channel_page I will be working on a website for the facility with all the details as they develop. I will be seeking sponsors/advertisers for the facility, so pass this info on to companies/vendors you think may be interested. PM me for further info or my contact phone/email if needed. Dave Garzoli Public Relations Oasis MX
  2. feetup&sliding

    transworld has 09 honda crf450

    FIrst let me say Im a Honda lover and sold my 05 to buy an 08 (now has 20hrs. on it) BUT As much as It appears to be a tecnological marvel...........I too think it is UGLY as hell. Sorry Honda, love u, but this bike is ugly.
  3. feetup&sliding

    Found some bikes

    Has law enforcement ran the VIN numbers for starters? PM them to me and I'll do it.
  4. feetup&sliding

    Top end rebuild pics 83.1hrs 07 CRF250R

    It doesn't work like that. You have to take it apart and if your lucky, the shim will still have the size markings on it. If not, a nice digital caliper will tell you what size it is. Then, download this shim calculator: http://home.earthlink.net/~larrygarrido/CRF250%20Shim%20Guide.xls you put in you current shim size and the desired clearance and it tells you which one you need. The sad truth however is that if it is at 0, shimming it will only buy you a few hours of ride time before it goes to 0 again. The valves need to be replaced........
  5. feetup&sliding

    Top end rebuild pics 83.1hrs 07 CRF250R

    Not sure what your seeing, I see wear. A new piston skirt is all black. This old piston has worn through the black coating.
  6. feetup&sliding

    Top end rebuild pics 83.1hrs 07 CRF250R

    My sons CRF250 finally got hard to start at 83.1hrs. I took the valve cover off and measured the valve clearance and found all of them in spec EXCEPT the right intake, which had gone to 0. Since this was the first time the fuel tank has ever even been off the bike I thought I would do a complete top end. This bike has had regular maintenance with frequent oil changes that ranged in between 4 -14 hours run time ( I lost track of the time once or twice) as well as cleaning the AF routinely. Since I have never once found dirt or dust behind the filter (That is what ruins valves- a spec of dust strips the hard coating of the valve face then the groove the face and clearance goes away), I was a curious as to where the dirt came from....I tell you that in a minute! I replaced the following: Piston, Rings, wrist pin, circlips, both intake valves, both exhaust valves, all 4 valve springs, valve stem seals, spark plug and gaskets. All parts are genuine Honda and were purchased from motosport.com for $350. I had the valve seats cut by a friend who just opened a cylinder head shop ( www.fastforwardcylinderheads.com ). He also ported and polished it before doing a 5 angle valve job on a Serdi 1.1 machine. When he was done, the exhaust held nearly 100% vacuum and the intakes held about 96%. Anyway while waiting for him to finish the head I decided to disassemble the carb and clean it,cause as I said, aside from oil changes and filter cleanings all we did was put gas in it. Well, once I got the top cap off the carb, I found the dirt that I think cost me an intake valve. The top of the carb, above the slide was coated in black oily gritty dirt. I say dirt, but it would have actually been carbon from blow-by coming out of the vent hoses, because I can find NO other way for dirt to have gotten there. I kind of kicked myself because I had cleaned my 3 prior 450 carbs and found the same phenomenon, I just kind of blew it off on this 250. Anyway, I did all the work myself and just buttoned it up. I started on the second kick, despite the large amount of oil I soaked the piston and clylinder in. Here is a gallery of pics of what the old parts looked like when I took them out. Again, this bike is an 07 and made it to 83.1 hours of run time before losing a valve. I beleive if I would have cleaned the carb once or twice this would never had happened, but frankly this thing was getting tired anyway! http://www.ukiahspeedwaymx.com/images/valves/valveweb/ I guess I can't complain, the bike is nearly 2 model years old and up until the valve wearing out it started 1st kick every time and we did nothing but put gas in it and go!
  7. feetup&sliding

    pics of my head and piston..

    I am doing a top end on my 07 and having my valve seats cut here: www.fastforwardcylinderheads.com He uses the SERDI 1.1 and will also doa little port work if you want and his prices & turnaround are GREAT!
  8. feetup&sliding

    Pics of Your 450....

  9. feetup&sliding

    2009 will be the EFI

    One of two things cross my mind.................In either case my guess is a grounding strap to either prevent ESD(electro static discharge) damage to electrical components (Computer repair guys will know about this) OR a grounding strap to prevent a static spark from the aluminum fuel tank to that METAL gas can I saw in one of the other pics I saw (the Yamaha guy I think).
  10. feetup&sliding

    Trailer Pictures Only

    04 Forest River F37
  11. feetup&sliding

    Oil change question for EVERYONE!

    I have a few questions for you all. Everyone praises the Honda gods (engineers R&D etc) for what an awesome machine our CRF's are and how brilliantly designed they are etc. Why then does everyone insist on wasting expensive oil by changing it "Every ride" "Every 2, 4, 6 hours" when those same brilliant engineers print in the owners manual to change it every 15hrs. ? Everyone assumes for some unknown reason that these engineers cannot possibly know what their talking about and that these bikes MUST have the oil change far more frequently than that or ELSE! Next question..............I always hear people make statements like What exactly do you all base these statements on? I don't know about you, but I cannot tell the difference in performance of my bike with one oil or the other in it. So as far as Im concerned, the only way tell if one oil is better than another is to take measurements of internal parts for wear, or have a catastrophic failure that you can directly attribute to oil, and even then it would likely be because of a LACK of oil, not a particular brand. I have run many different oils in my CRF's an 02, two 05's and now an 08 and I have never NOTICED a difference in anything other than the cost. Now I am asking this question to see the responses. I too change my oil every 4-6 hours and everytime I do I ask myself WHY? WHY am I dropping another $15 on an oil change already..especially given the manual states 15hrs............... I am seriously considering going by the HONDA MANUAL from now on............
  12. feetup&sliding

    CRF450R wins MXA shootout

    They also reduced the fork oil by 10cc
  13. feetup&sliding

    Pics of your CRF 450

    I like it!
  14. feetup&sliding

    CRF450R wins MXA shootout

    This really surpises me. I don't subscribe to MXA but happened to buy the issue in the news stand where they tested the 08 CRF. In their test of it they seemd to REALLY dislike the bike. The bitched about from the damper, the offset, the FORKS, the detuned motor etc. they had VERY little good to say about the bike, yet they chose it as their shootout winner? Man those other bikes must be JUNK! I love my 08 CRF!
  15. Just wondering if there are any TT'ers that are in the military that are currently stationed in Europe??