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    Newbie here w/ 230 tranny problems

    OK, I think I found the problem, I took the advice and played with the shifter etc. Please forgive my terms/descriptions... the black colored bottle opener looking plates held on by the spring/circlip and the cotter-pin can move out toward the clutch side case which is the problem. The entire assembly moves including the shaft w/ the circlip which I assume is the inside end of the shift shaft. When pushed all the way in, the assembly correctly engauges the Star shaped "shifting gear" and the bike shifts perfectly. When I wiggle the assembly out 1/8-1/4" the shifting immediately starts all the same issues that I was experiencing on the bike. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...... I began to look close and noticed a Threaded Hole in the case below the bulls-eye/washer looking part in the picture. I origionally mistook this for one of the case cover bolt holes but it is not. It is recessed in the case, and I went to the local dealer and it is not on Microfish-..... they said bring it in. Common sense tells me a bolt in that hole w/ a mini flange on the head would hold that assembly together correctly. Am I missing a bolt??? I searched w/ a magnet down in the square channel (oil sump????) at the bottom of the case which is basically the only place it looks like it could have dropped. Thanks for looking and posting guys, I really appreciate the combined knowledge on this board. Josh
  2. JohnsonValleyOG

    Newbie here w/ 230 tranny problems

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=15644 Ok guys, so do I need to pull the clutch plates/basket off so see the shift shaft/drum?
  3. JohnsonValleyOG

    Newbie here w/ 230 tranny problems

    I have some pics after I pulled off the clutch side cover, but I'm having trouble posting them. I can't see any missing.loose bolts, but then again I don't know what the hell I'm looking at anyway
  4. JohnsonValleyOG

    Newbie here w/ 230 tranny problems

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the advice. I'll tear into the clutch side cover this weekend and see what I'm dealing with. Any other advice or opinions are more than welcome
  5. JohnsonValleyOG

    Newbie here w/ 230 tranny problems

    Thanks Anthony, but nope, I pulled the chain gurad cover and took the shifter off for inspection, everything looks ok and I can't see any bend to the shift shaft.
  6. 1st off Hi, Long time lurker, 1st time poster and I'm hoping you guys can help me out with my problem. Bike in question: 2004, crf230. All I can assume is it has a bent shift fork or something. The bike starts/runs fine but 1st gear is getting hard to find more and more frequently. The biggest noticable issue is when the bike IS in 1st gear, the shifter will still allow you tp click down like there are still gears below it, or like a rotary shift. There is no deffinate bottom to the shift pattern. From the looks of the side cover I assume the shifter was bent up into the case cover leaving a gouge in the metal and I'm thinking the stress on the shift shaft bent something internal. A total tear down/re-build by a dealer is financially out of the question currently so here are my questions.... 1. anyone experience this problem before? 2. Is the crf 150 and 230 the same lower end? I'm hoping to find a complete motor on ebay and swap out the lower ends. 3. If I cannot do a tranny swap, I will pull the motor out of the bike and remove the top end myself and take the lower in to a qualified mechanic (I'm in Orange county Cali if anyone has a good recomendation.) Thanks for taking the time to read this and in advance for any replies. Josh