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    Initially when I installed the kit alone, I didn't notice the difference, but it was like 30 degrees outside. I drilled the holes and installed the 115 and REALLY noticed the difference. It's 70 degrees now. How much difference will a 200X carb make is my next question...
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    OK, Put on the Trail Bike 115 kit, drilled out two one inch holes in the airbox cover, changed the main jet to a 115....wow, what a difference! This is my 11 year old's 2001 xr 100, but it pulls my 240 pound butt real hard. The immediate hit is amazing compared to what it was. Now for the suspension, I have the BBR springs for front and back, just haven't put them on yet. Any tips would be appreciated. looking for a cradle frame, gonna need it. Thanks for all the help from the posts, especially SoCal for the PM. This will keep my boy on a Thumper for a couple of years until I steal it from him and pony up for a 150 for him.
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    Price on XR100?

    SoCal, Is that the Trail Bikes 115 kit on your bike?
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    Riding in Nebraska

    The Quarry, West of Union off of Hwy 34 is a grat place to ride. Cool track, some trails and some gnarly hill climbs. $10 a day, $100 per year. Gets a little dusty without rain, but overall a great place for adults and kids.
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    New Member/New Project

    OK boys, started at noon today, just got finished (9:15) installing the trail bike 115 kit. My son (11) and I got 'er done with a little help from some buddies. The Clymer manual helped a bunch, but there is no way to get the cylinder head off without taking out all of the engine Mount bolts! Anyway, we got er put back together enough to start her up, and low and behold, she ran! Have to adjust the valves a little bit more, then add the jet kit and drill out the air box, but it's all good for now, nothing blew up! Thanks for the advice from all of the posts on here.
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    New Member/New Project

    Wow! Great site, I have been reading and learning for the past couple of weeks. I am inspired to rev up the 11 year olds '01 xr 100. Ordered the Trail Bike 115 kit, Clymer book and jet kit for starters. Planning on opening the air box a little too. Already have the rev box and an FMF pipe. Any special tools I need for the big bore kit, or hints from any of you that have done this? Haven't torn into a motor since HS 20 some years ago. Half scared to death, but really excited to get started! Smittyman