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  1. okay so i have a cr 125 and have hand nothing but problems with is from the day i got it its a 1999 it looks good but the motor is shit... ive fried 3 pistons in less than 3 hours of riding it each time....sooo i figured hey somethings in there took my top end off nothing open up my reeds and bam there was a ****ing bearing race going in out of from my reeds to my top end hmm go figure so i say welp my crank bearings are out so i start taking my bottem in apart splitting the case on a locked up cr 125 is a bitch oh yeah did i mention last piston that friend it locked up so im prying on it hoping to not crack my case cant get it apart so i took off the cover to where my i think its my water fan u know well i cant get that to move so im like hmmmm so i take a wrench twist that bam my motor frees up i now i the case split and i cant find anything in there that looks broken or missing except on one side of my crank rod looks like there is like a bronze race for bearings or something and the other seems to not have that so i dont know if thats the part thats broken or what so if anyone has any out put onthat and also i have the part split on my case where my magnetoe is if thats spelled right not the other parts split to get my crank and shit out do i have to split the other side cause as of right now im not seeing anything on this side to help me figure out on how to get my actual crank and shit out so i can check and see if thats alright and stuff anyways some input might help me a bit.....so yeah...
  2. My compression on my bike is so low i can turn it over with my hand and almost pretty much start it...... mines like 40 something or lower....hahahha and i redone my top end...
  3. crguy06

    Torque specs

    does anyone know how many pounds to torque the head bolts on a cr 125 too......
  4. crguy06


    How many pounds of compression should a 1999 cr125r have? Any help would be appreciated....K Thanks
  5. crguy06

    Post pics of your CR's

    here is my bike... http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c356/loststarsonfire/82620287_4.jpg http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c356/loststarsonfire/82620287_2.jpg
  6. crguy06

    why wont my bike start

    i cleaned the air fliter....i cleaned the jets and the carb today just now no more that an hour ago......i cleaned all the jets...i have spark i changed the plug even to a new one....the old one had spark as well so i know its not the kill switch...i dunno flooded?
  7. crguy06

    why wont my bike start

    i just got it....it started the day i got it and it started yesterday and i road it......but as i was ending my ride i hit the kill switch killed it put gas in it went to re start it and it wouldnt start...but every other time i would kill it while i was riding it and started it back up it would fire right up...now it wont...it has standerd jet..stock.....i cleaned the intire carb out and the jets took them all out and everything put it back on right and it still will not fire........so i was thinking maybe its flooded so what is the best way to get it unflooded....
  8. crguy06

    what is good jetting for a cr 125 1999

    thanks....so do u think i should buy a new jet kit or should the one on there work fine just fix it right?
  9. i just bought a 1999 cr125 it runs good so far but it it kinda seems like it has poor jetting so what would be the best jetting for it everything seems to be stock i think as well the pipe look afermarket but it says nothing anywhere on it and the guy gave me the stock pipe so i have no clue what kind of pipe is on it....