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  1. Ive been riding a souped up Gasser EC 300 (2T), and I love it still, buuutt.. I bought my wife a 2005 Yamaha TTR 250. We had a little trouble with the therottle, and I grew a little hateful tword it. ASfter we got it fixed for the second time:banghead: I decided to just take it out for a bike killing test ride, you know, to "shake it down" ! Now Im in love all over again. What a fun little bike!?! It cornered nicely, and handled the sandy whoops like my big gasser, and just did everything right. The motor wound up with almost enough power that was delivered on a soft pillow. I was free to play, hootlesly, and with a real sense of joy, and fun. Now I want another, or something very like it with maybe just a touch more power. Which bike most closely compares to a TTR 250, with that extra touch of power. A WR 250 seems to be right, but Ive never ridden one and am looking for YOUR opinions.
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    The blind leading the blind...

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou:worthy:
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    The blind leading the blind...

    My guess is that the nephew wheelied it up and down the alley behind the house. (from my origional post) So far I have learned that the trans fluid goes in the right side, and conversely the engine oil must go into the left. Now I only need to know HOW MUCH of each goes in. Can anybody tell me HOW MUCH of each goes in ? The owners manual is on the way, but we we're hoping to go riding this weekend. FFRDave
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    The blind leading the blind...

    He had the clutch engaged. The engine should have been disconnected from the trans. The trans was in nuetral, with the clutch engaged. They started pushing, and he put the trans into second gear while holding the clutch lever in, but as soon as it went into second gear, the tire skidded. The tire should have continued to turn until the clutch was let out. I would have expected to be unable to bumpstart a 450 4 stroke too. The bike SHOULD BE ABLE TO COAST in any gear with the clutch engaged. Like if you only made it halfway up a big hill (which is also unlikely for a CRF450) with the bike in gear, you can pull in the clutch before the engine stalls and the bike will roll. Thanks for clearing up my confusion about the oil. The bike I was thinking of did have a separate place for the premix oil to go into, but that bike was a 2t. A car has a trans with its own fluid, and an engine with its oil. I did check the plug on the right side of the engine (gearbox), expecting to find a dipstick on the plug. There was no dipstick, so there was really no way for me to telll if the fluid was low or not. How much engine oil/fluid should be filled during a replacement?
  5. My friend is a total newb to the whole mottocross world, and I am unfamiliar with four strokes. I have been on two strokes for years. He started with a 98 CR 125 a couple weeks ago (for his kid), but just last night picked up a 03 CRF450R. I went with him to check out the bike. Its been sitting for a long time, but not before having some sprocket teeth broken off and the rear knobbies run to nubs. The old guy who was selling it knew nothing at all about bikes, and had been a co-signer for his nephew, who failed to make the payments. The old guy took possesion and just paid it off... and put it up for sale. The plastic and alluminum have no wear at all. The bike looks to be in showroom condition !! My guess is that the nephew just wheelied it up and down the alley behind the house. I did start it up and was pleasantly surprised at how easily it started. It did blow some flames (visable in daylight) as the therottle was being closed. Because of the horrably worn sprockets and (suspect) chain, I was unwilling to try riding it at all. I told my friend he would NEED new chain and sprockets if he bought the bike. He did buy the bike, and he did try to ride it. After much kicking it wouldnt start, so he had his kid push him for a bumpstart. As soon as he put it into second gear (with the clutch in) the rear tire locked up and skidded. I told him to change the trans oil. He does not have a manual, and neither does our local shop (have to order those things). I think that the clutch plates are just a little stickey after sitting for so long. I hope it will break free after being warmed up with some fresh trans fluid. I had a streetbike freez up on me like that. I simply held the brakes on as I slipped it into gear with the clutch engaged. He did get the chain and sprockets, so we will be installing that tomorrow or saturday. I need to know the trans oil capacity, and where it goes into the bike. I also need to know about the engine oil (doesnt it have a separate place for the oil that mixes with the gas?) I think there must be an oil pump that blends the oil and gas before it goes into the intake. I also think that the cure for the flamage is probably in the adjustment of the carb. Its probably too rich. I apologize for the long post, but I want to be up front with EVERYTING I KNOW. Please be gentle, I am only trying to help a friend. I also realize that there are valves and a million other things that could be wrong with the bike, but I am trying to start with the simple and easy fixes first. Thanks
  6. FFRdave

    Crf450 X, Or Crf450 R Problems ??

    If you have seen my post on the two stroke rider desiring a change, you know that I am a nube. So, please go easy on me. Are there things I should know right off the bat about the CRF450 ? Does it have any problematic characteristics that should be corrected before the first ride ? Are there any weak, or poorly made parts that I should just swap for aftermarket, or beef up ? What are some of the less obveyous maintaince items that four strokes need that two strokes dont need ? I am not a racer, but I do want a fast high performance MX bike I can use in the sand dunes near my home. I am almost 40, and weigh about 170 lb. and stand 6' tall. I have a CR 250, and a CR 500. My main issue with the 500 is that its a bi*ch to start, and vibrates alot. It also has a real tough clutch pull. Im hoping that a modern 4 stroke (not Yamaha) will solve my issue.
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    Rode sand for my first time - Glamis

    Here in South Easstern Washington, all we have is sand, rocks and hardpan covered in powder. I ride in the sand a lot, and its a challenge when you try to go slowly and safely. Much better and easier to just blast around. Counter-intuitive to your natural tendancy. I tried Woods riding, and was so stressed out from the tight spaces and wet slippery rock climbs, that ai never wanted to do it again. Too much stuff to run into in the forest.
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    2 srtoke rider considering switching sides

    I want to use the machine for riding in the Juniper Sand Dunes near Pasco WA, where I live. I have been riding my 2001 CR 500 for exactly that purpose, and its been good except that the vibrations and hard clutch pull are killing my hands. I also have a 1999 CR 250R, which starts easy, and goes fast in the sand. I let my favorite Teenager ride that one, except for when I seal it from him. He complains of the CR 500 "bad vibes" too. I had a 2000 XR 400, and hated (I mean hated) every ride. Thats when I traded it in for a 2001 CR 500. I like the snap of a two stroke, but I see more and more Thumpers on the dunes. I understand the CRF is no XR, but if I go for the CRF 450X with lights and an elt. start, will the power remind me of the dreaded XR experience ? Can I really get a bike with lights and elt. start that will be fast & powerfull enough to get me up the big dunes without killing my hands ? I really dont care if the thing weighs an extra 15 lbs because of lights, starter, and battery as long as it gets the job done. On the other hand I dont want a milk-toast engine with my lights and starter. I will happily kick-start my bike in favor of a strong snappy (sand dune eating) powerband. I am not a racer, but I do want the most bang for my buck. Am I barking up the right tree, or just being rediculous ?
  9. I have always ridden a 2 stroke, except for about 8 months when I (tried to) ride an XR 400 at my local sand dunes. I also went out with a friend who had a YZ 426? thumper. I must say that bike did sound awsome, but I could never get it to start. My friend had trouble getting that beast started too. Im looking at the 2005 Honda CRF 450, but dont know weather to go X or R. I am presently on a 2001 Honda CR 500, and 1999 Honda CR 250. (not at the same time tho) What should I be asking myself, or better yet my local dealer, when looking at a CR 450 (X or R).