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  1. Anybody see alessi try and run villapoto's bike over after they went down? It got stuck on top of ryan's bike, so ryan grabbed it by the rear wheel and tossed it like a toy The crowd went wild when he did that. Props to villapoto! Alessi should get into drag racing, he's lightning fast out of the gate but after the first turn he just gets in the way.
  2. California

    You had better stay away from it
  3. California

    Call me crazy but I swear that place is cursed. That's the same area the 8 were killed by the racing accident. Nearby off camp rock road I was in an accident with a golf cart that should have been fatal. Of all the open miles of barren desert the ball joint on the cart decided to fail just as I was passing by in my truck. I refuse to go back there.
  4. What part of the carb should I focus on if it requires the hot start all the time? The hot start makes it lean, so does that mean its getting too much fuel?
  5. I'm trying to get a friends 426 running for him. Last I heard his nephew overfilled the oil to where it was spraying the excess out of the breather tube from the cam cover. Fast forward to present time and it will only start with the hot start plunger activated. It bogs and dies if I try to give it any throttle or turn the hot start off. I'm also getting some smoke out of the exhaust that smells like oil burning. After bringing the oil level back down to the normal range it was a little easier to start. After some thought I decided to pull the head and cylinder. Everything looks factory and is still in very good shape for a 2001. The valve seals don't feel very snug at all around the valve stems. At least no where near as snug as the valve seals on a full size engine. After I pulled the valve keepers the valves slid right out with very little force. Are the seals the culprit??? Should I feel even a little resistance when sliding the vales up and down???
  6. -Like c-slak said, get used to using the brakes more often. It won't slow down on it's own like your 250f did. -It will sound like your riding faster than you really are, so learn how to judge your speed by feel, not the sound of the motor. -You may have to take different lines than you did on the 250f. The 125/150's are faster when you flow around the track as opposed to stop and go 4 stroke racing lines. Overall it's going to make you work harder and ride smarter. Your skills will be challenged if you are racing bigger bikes.
  7. white rear fenders?
  8. Looks like they were catching him on that long uphill. Probably due to the torque of the 250fs. I'd love to see exactly how many cc's of 2 stroke motor you need to get the same torque curve as the 4 strokes.
  9. Looks like mexico to me. Bubba would never make it driving a trophy truck haha But seriously, anybody who runs across the track like that should be banned from all ama races. Regardless of which athlete gets hurt due to his actions. That might fly in baja but this aint mexico!
  10. Motocross

    Im so glad theres still guys out there that are not afraid to go against the grain and ride a smoker at the pro level. Dare to be different and stick it to em. Reminds me of the movie "the worlds fastest indian" with anthony hopkins. We need more people like Burt Munro
  11. When I bought my 05 used it had vforce reeds and a full pro circuit system. I ride mx like you and my favorite combo is stock reeds, stock head pipe and pro circuit r304 shorty muffler. I don't think the vforce reeds add much power compared to how much they cost. The boyesen rad valve is supposed to make much more power for a little more money than the vforce. ***Since it's an 05 search on here for the shift stopper mod*** The stock one is known to grenade.
  12. It's a shame threads like this get very little views and even less replies. Without men like this there would be no professional motocross or supercross. But open up a thread trash talking bubba and you get 5000 views and countless pages of replies. Damn shame! Rest in peace Mr. Alderton
  13. You mess with the bull, you get the horn. No two ways about it. HAHA! You're lucky you got out alive. Most guys that get caught end up 6ft deep.
  14. All the reviews Ive read say the fuel customs intake is the best hands down. Im also new to fuel injection and so far all Ive learned is its expensive to modify.
  15. Haha, I think the steel frame bikes look better than the aluminum ones. Yours looks really good!