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    Coolest Graphics?

  2. Vanboozin

    modifying the 06

  3. Vanboozin

    What graphics look the best?

    i like these
  4. Vanboozin

    backfire screen?

    screen is doule layer,took mine out and tore the outside layer off with needle nose pliers,put it back into a new no-toil filter and it works great. better than the stock set-up for sure.Had to open the fuel screw about an 8th-quarter turn.
  5. Vanboozin

    Backfiring When Off The Gas

    my bike has 8 hrs on it and backfiring when off the gas coming down hills .the lower the gear the worse it gets.i am trail riding and often in 3-5 gear coming down long gradual curves.i am braking and gearing down but trying to let the decompressor system do some of the work .i think i will pull the valve cover and check my timing. any suggestions would be appreciated.the backfiring is a constant loud poping (not like the typical motor vehicle bang !)it just doesn't sound good at all.
  6. Vanboozin

    .006 exaust clearance only 7 hrs

    i guess i wasn't verry specific in my last reply.but i was using the dash mark on the right side hole cover with the punch mark inside on the main drive gear, and the 2 marks on the cam gear when checking my clearances . i was just curious about the marks inside the left cover .
  7. Vanboozin

    .006 exaust clearance only 7 hrs

    Anybody have information as to why i would want to leave my exhaust valve clearance @ .006 (5 thou. out of spec.?)i was a little sceptical on my first exhaust clearance measurment (wasn't positive i was TDC) so i put the old shims in and torqed everything to spec. went for 5 min ride and 10 min cooldown.pulled the valve cover off and tried the straw in the spark plug hole trick i read about in this forum,cranked it over a few times slowly with my hand so i had an idea when in the compression stroke it was at its highest piont.once close to the highest piont i tapped the kickstarter with my hand just enough to move the straw up a tiny bit at a time .once i knew it wasn't going any higher i stopped .all my mark's were BANG ON ! A little closure for me cuz with the straw in there i finally knew i was TDC for sure.then i checked my clearances again with the feeler gages like Hit_The_Set says for the exhaust and both are .008 ( 2 thou.difference from my first COUPLE attempts).also this time i was able slide a .005 into the left intake which i couldn't manage before.So for a beginer like me i learned there is some room for error checking these valves.(intake readings don't seem to varry as much).I do however have another question regarding the marks inside the left side engine cover.there is a slash mark through the threads on the hole itself, how is this slashmark mark supposed to line up with the 2 marks on the inside ?left ,right or between the 2 marks ? ............
  8. Vanboozin

    .006 exaust clearance only 7 hrs

    Without Heckler's guide i wouldn't have attempted this on my own.As it turn's out its way easier than anticipated. Thanks Heckler
  9. Vanboozin

    .006 exaust clearance only 7 hrs

    k thanks for the re-assurance guy's i'm calm now! and thanks for all the feedback i really appreciate it u guys are a big help ( i sure wish i could get my hand's on some bloody shims and be done with it)can u believe none of the 3 bike shops here in squamish b.c. carry any shim's .i had to phone carter honda motorsports in vancouver and they didn't even have any in stock(or even the whole shim kits) i just don't get it its a tiny part that doesn't cost much and by the sounds of it reading the forums a high demand item ! STOCK THE SHIMS ALREADY !
  10. Vanboozin

    Pics of your CRF 250's

  11. Vanboozin

    .006 exaust clearance only 7 hrs

    i'm starting to second geuss myself now, ive had all day to fart around here with no shims or bike to ride,my question is this . How do you tell if the piston is absolutely TDC besides lining up the punch mark with the drive gear, and the 2 marks on the cam gear even with the top of the head.this is all i'm really going by as my manual doesn't elaborate (just says "make sure the piston is TDC")I DONT EVEN SEE THE PISTON ! i have looked around the forum but can't seem to find a definite explanation .
  12. Vanboozin

    .006 exaust clearance only 7 hrs

    no bike shops open today i geuss i'll hafta wait till tomorrow
  13. Vanboozin

    .006 exaust clearance only 7 hrs

    pretty sure i'm @ TDC both the punch mark on the drive gear is lined up with the index mark on the crank cover,and the index lines on the cam sprocket are dead even with the top of cylender head ,that being said i should be TDC correct ? or is there another way to check that the piston is TDC as this is my first 4 stroke and just wanted to make sure ,the cam sort of clicks locked @ the top of the stroke when it touches the little pin on the cam, right after this happens i turn the cam just a tiny bit and everything lines up for me.sound normal ?and yes i bent the tips of my feelers .i have some great pictures and video of this and would upload but photobucket is compressing them way too much . thanks for the feed back its awsome,i'm giong to get shims right now and will check here later before i shim thanks again.
  14. Vanboozin

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    how do you upload these pictures all i get is ( enter text to be modified ) when i try to insert picture
  15. Vanboozin

    .006 exaust clearance only 7 hrs

    k thanks , sounds like i can re-shim the exaust without removing the cam (i just need shims now) anyone else have exaust valves so tight with low hrs ?