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  1. man1967

    '05 Long Term?

    its the cheesey foam between air-box and intake boot ,,,ditch it and sikaflex the join to seal it, it leaks air and dirt into ur engine
  2. man1967

    what kind of feeler guages do u have???

    blue points and snips
  3. man1967

    After market kick starter

    no keep on buyin new boots or puttin new soles on ,,,i did
  4. man1967

    '05 Long Term?

    yep no problemo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!50hrs and rockin the roost!!!!!!!!!!!!ps do the air-box mod its worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. man1967

    Cam chain adjuster

    why??????? the manual cam adjust is far superior ,, allowing higher rev limits without failure,, auto cam adjust self implodes dont forget that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok
  6. man1967

    Radiator shroud bolts

    dont worry take the whole lot off same time my bolts dont come out either
  7. man1967

    Checking valves

    yep the ol famous knocking all good thats a trait of the rmz no worries
  8. man1967

    oil change question

    these bikes use oil that is no secret just fill and ride dont spin out ,,,change when u should and all good no problem put in 1500ml no filter
  9. man1967

    RMZ-450 seized motor

    thats good then!!! have you got any photos of the flaking bore im curious??? my 05 has done 50 hrs and powering on!!ps would you buy another suzuki man,and are you in queensland man???
  10. man1967

    oil change question

    yes i put in 1500ml without filter ride the beast 5 hrs then change it no problem!!!!!!! rmz-450 05 mine ,drz125l kids
  11. man1967

    oil change question

    yes i put in 1500ml without filter ride the beast 5 hrs then change it no problem!!!!!!!
  12. man1967

    Checking valves

    does she start easy?? dont worry be happy??
  13. man1967

    Top ends

    yeah dude i can tell you cause ive done it at exactly 5000klms or 150hrs i would assume???? but dont quote me on the hrs ok. but my wr250f needed intake valves get headdone piston ring kit and gaskets at 5000klms cost me $1000 aud so i flogged the living daylights out of her for another 1500klms then traded it up for a rmz450 love it dont go back to a 250 too much maintaince less revving with 450 ps love my suzuki
  14. man1967

    Cam Chain Adj ?

    ok dude my 05 rmz has the same specs as yours!! mine has done 45hrs and they have not changed, if your bike starts easy its ok, but keep your eye on the specs on intake ...the exhaust will not move, the intake will get smaller my intake is 0.10mm my exhaust is 0.20mm.... one day i will do my intake shims when im not busy the local suzuki dealer said he will swap them just bringem in...so dont stress about it bro!!!
  15. man1967

    Improvement suggestions

    as we all say in here do the air-box mod brother!!!