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  1. moose offroad

    Riding this weekend 15th-16th?

    To many injuries, can't risk losing the new store because of a broken bone.
  2. moose offroad

    Riding this weekend 15th-16th?

    I'm done for good.
  3. moose offroad

    I'm so sick of this...

    Maybe you should take it to a mechanic.
  4. moose offroad

    Who wants to

    Who's Matt ???
  5. moose offroad

    Moose Offroad

  6. moose offroad

    Moose Offroad

    Good time indeed, just wish you would learn to ride a dirt bike a little better and quit playing with Mr. Bungle's ass every time we stopped............
  7. moose offroad

    Is this Bike Shop Ripping me off?

    Dave, you hit the nail on the head, I own a bike shop now and have for almost 10 years. I found the same thing with bikes peps take apart themselves, most of the time I spend double the hours putting it back together and more time ordering a dowel pin or an o-ring that has been lost in the process. I think, given this situation, 6 hours are reasonable, the shop he's dealing with is prolly gonna spend more time on it than 6 hours and even more trying to collect the bill owed on the bike. In the end, it's all about paying my shop bills and putting food on my family's table, it's a bussiness, not a hobby.
  8. moose offroad

    Bike dies after jetting

    Well, I just wanted to be clear. There are other ways to move the needle, very thin washers that come w/some jet kits are used to move needles up for riching up bikes that don't have adjustable needles, you can also use them to adjust the needle a half a clip position when installed under the clip. So yea, I think you have him headed in the right direction.
  9. moose offroad

    Bike dies after jetting

    If your getting popping on de-cell, turn out your fuel screw a half a turn at a time (richer) till it stops popping on de-cell, also a clogged pilot jet will also cause this problem as well.
  10. moose offroad

    Bike dies after jetting

    Your needle is on the rich side, thats what is causing your bog, lower the needle farther into the carb by raising the clip 1 position.
  11. moose offroad

    Bike dies after jetting

    Sorry, but raising the needle will make it richer, raising the clip will make it leaner.
  12. moose offroad

    Anybody heading to Walnut this weekend?

    I'll be in Wadsworth Il., getting drunk on my couch watch'in it rain.
  13. moose offroad

    2008 Ironman GNCC

    Prolly a good thing, I heard they had sand bagger detection systme's installed this year.
  14. moose offroad

    Me w/helmet cam BR clay track

    Typical Baja, Shecky, Bill response........nobody can ride as good as him, just say'in.
  15. moose offroad

    Kansas question - street legal?

    If you buy a KTM, they come with a title for plating, very little is needed to make them streetable, I beleave Huskey's are the same also.