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    2001 YZ 250 Question

    Gentleman Here is a local add that I found. "2001 yz 250 new top and bottom end with boysen reeds, rod broke that connects to shifter so just give me and offer" He is asking $450 for it. I checked the part out online and it isn't that expensive. Once I talk to him to find out if this is all it needs to run. Sounds like a pretty good deal? What is the labor cost or how difficult is this to install yourself? Thanks in advance for the help Regards
  2. Alright, I haven't rode a dirtbike since I was 18 and want to get back into it. I am 35 now and alot sure has changed in the last 17 years or so. I use to ride a RM 125 back in the day so I am somewhat familiar what to expect with a 2 stroke. I'm looking probably to get a 125 2 stroke or one of the 250 4 strokes. I'm not going to be racing or anything like that but I will be riding it out on a local track/riding area. I have looked at 2 bike right now, and the two I'm considering are both 2 strokes and the only reason is because they are still brand new bikes but are earlier models. 1st is a '07 CR 125. They are asking $3700 for it. 2nd is a '08 YZ 125. Asking $5000 for it. Like I said, both are new. I don't have a problem with buying used, it is just hard trying to find a bike that doesn't look beat or you see ads that just look to good to be true, so your trying to figure out what they are hiding. Anyways, would love to hear opinions on the bikes listed above and would even appreciate any discussion on the 2 vs 4 stroke. Thanks for your time!

    drz prices

    Trying to get the wife to let me pull the trigger on an '05 a gentleman has here locally. 7,000 miles, new tires, all maintenance done and never been off road or layed down. Asking $3000. She isn't as excited about it as I am. I hope I can change her mind!