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  1. mtillustration

    BMW G450X with a Leo Vince slip on

    I have the leo vince on my G450x and I love it. I wanted something quiet that I could run with the power plug. I can not make any comparisons because I had the dealer put it on before I took the bike home. I have a shiny new stock muffler hanging in my garage for the foreseeable future.
  2. mtillustration

    BMW G450X vs Husaberg FE390

    I just picked up a G450X. I am not a new rider but I am not, nor will I ever be, one of the "fast guys". I find the BMW to be a very rider friendly package. I know that many racers will prefer the quick turning shredding capability of the Husa, but I am happy with the stability of the BMW. Seat height may be something to consider, especially if you are learning. The BMW is pretty tall and if the Berg is an inch in the seat taller it may seem precarious at first. Both cool bikes, I love the Husabergs too, I used to own one before they were so polished. By the way, I love the motor on the BMW. With the power plug and a quiet Leo Vince slip on it is really nice.
  3. mtillustration

    '10 BMW450 vs '10 BergFE450

    I just bought an 09 BMW. Discount+factory financing deal+ lack of patience kept me from 2010. As an eternal novice (in my 40's), I love the BMW. Lots of power, but still easy to control even with the chip in. I also like the layout for a tall guy and the stability is nice as well. Lack of a plate kept me from looking at the Husaberg. The new bergs look great and I used to own one, but I don't think that the quicker steering would be an advantage with my lack of talent. I am no expert, just a casual trail rider, but that is my 2 cents.
  4. mtillustration

    '00 S part it out or sell whole?

    You may want to consider listing on the dixie dualsport forum since you are in Florida. It is a great place to find guys in the area who specifically ride on and off road. I also ride a modified 2000 drz400s and I imagine that the street legality of the bike would warrant around a couple grand. I would definately consider ebaying the stabilizer if it is relatively easy to take off. I see many second hand FCR's listed but not many stabilizers for the DRZ.
  5. mtillustration

    ok It's time to ask for guidence...motor build time

    If I am installing the same basic set up that you have described (without stroking the motor) but I cannot run the open exhaust (I have a fmf Q2 wit bigger header) what will be the power difference? Any Idea?
  6. mtillustration

    Installed my new Corbin seat...

    I have the corbin with extra foam for my long legs. It has been great from day one. I rode a dual sport cross florida trip (two long days of riding) when it was brand new and no sore ass. I have heard that they can be pretty firm without the extra foam.
  7. mtillustration

    Beefing Up Drz400s Motor

    Just ordered the manual cam chain tensioner, thanks. I think I can get the valves and spring from RHC? My credit card is beginning to sweat a bit! I still imagine that I will save quite a bit on labor doing it all at once.
  8. mtillustration

    Beefing Up Drz400s Motor

    Sorry, I already installed a 39mm FCR
  9. mtillustration

    Beefing Up Drz400s Motor

    More advise please. I have ordered the following that I am going to have installed for me: 435 big bore kit from Luke's Intake and exhaust cams from Ron Hamp FMF Q2 muffler (have a pro-circuit head pipe that I think will match up okay) Am I missing anything? I have about 9200 miles on the motor right now, do I need valves and springs? I cannot go for a louder pipe because I run sound tested events. How much will this cost me in overall performance? Thanks for all of the help, I would be lost without all of the active thumpertalkers!
  10. mtillustration

    Cams with Big Bore

    Thanks, I will give him a call tomorrow. I have a pro circuit headpipe with a stock pipe plugged into it. I was hoping that would work for the q2 as well.
  11. mtillustration

    Cams with Big Bore

    I put in an email to Ron Hamp about drz cams about a week and a half ago and I have not heard back. Does anyone know if they are taking orders?
  12. mtillustration

    Cams with Big Bore

    Okay, I think I will definately get the stage one or the Ron Hamp intake cam. Not sure which one yet. Any advise is welcome. Do I also need the exhaust cam? Will it make a difference when I am running a fairly restrictive exhaust (Q2)? This may be a stupid question but I don't really much about it.
  13. mtillustration

    Cams with Big Bore

    I have read that if I am looking for more mid range power I can just go with the intake cam, any thoughts on this? Also, I don't see the stage 2 hotcams around anymore, Should I go with the stage one or the RHC's? Again, I am more interested in mid-range than power way on the top.
  14. mtillustration

    Cams with Big Bore

    I imagine this has been covered, but I have reviewed a lot of posts and I am still not sure what to do. I have a DRZ400s with a 39mm FCR and I am adding a FMFQ2 to stay quiet. I just recieved a 435 big bore kit from Luke's and I am wondering if I should add cams while I am having the kit installed to save on labor costs. I don't like to rev my bike too hard and I do most of my dual sporting in and out of deep Florida sand. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. mtillustration

    jetting pics

    If Burned still has a page I would love to know where to find it.