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  1. subtron

    Sis Needs A Bike, Anyone Got One?

    I don't think you're going to find anything you would want to own for under 2K for a new-ish XR.
  2. subtron

    Gordon's Mods for XR400

    Just finished the GMODS. 162 main and 61 pilot (it's what the Honda dealer had in stock and close enough to the 160/60 I wanted. Needle in stock position because I couldn't figure out how to get it out. Air filter removed for the test ride but with the metal endoskeleton in place (I had washed it out w/ soap and water and it was still wet) and with three 1/4" holes per the GMOD and the spark arrestor completely hacked away. Results: the sound is perfect, a little more "manly" than stock without being annoying. The front wheel comes up smartly without the clutch in 1 and 2 gear from mid rpm with just a whack of the throttle. Without the foam filter (wouldn't recommend taking it offroad like this) you can hear the carb sucking-in air, kinda cool, and it should calm down a bit once the filter goes back in. All-in-all still and easy (no previous engine experience for me, so I am proud of being able to take apart the carb and have it run first time when I put it back together) set of mods and a lot of fun.
  3. subtron

    Looking at a 04 XR4, questions

    Instead of a speedo why not a small GPS? It would give speed, average speed, distance, and track (make a map for you and let you find your way BACK after you got lost). Now THAT is a worthwhile mod.
  4. subtron

    Clogged Jet???

    I had this precise same problem: bike would start, idle fine, but any throttle would instantly kill it. I took the carb off, removed the bowl, and found a BUG in the main jet. It was completely clogged...AND there was another, exactly the same size and type BUG laying in the bottom of the bowl. Little dudes with wings, all carmelized and brown. I didn't recognize them and I think they may have been manufactured in there (inadvertantly). Soon as I took him out with a needle the bike ran beautifully.