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  1. MarksFriggin

    what to do about wind noise around helmet

    Try something like the NOJ Quiet Rider. It's a skirt for the bottom of your helmet that cuts down on wind noise.
  2. MarksFriggin

    Test rode a Ducati Hypermotard today

    I just sold my 08 Hyper about 3 months ago. Great bike but the maintenance costs are a little ridiculous. If you can learn to do the desmodromic valve adjustments and cam belt replacements yourself, or you don't mind shelling out $750+ in service costs ever 2 years/7500 miles, go for it. The sound of that twin was worth the cost to me... until I ran out of money.
  3. MarksFriggin

    good grief what have I done

    Wow! Impressive. Very clean and tasteful design.
  4. MarksFriggin

    DRZ 400 S Petcock fix - cheap & easy

    Great info! Now I can rebuild my extra (leaky) petcock so I have a backup. Sweet.
  5. MarksFriggin

    A new DRZ400 seat on the market

    I ordered mine from Wheeling Cycle Supply about a week and a half ago. Shipping was only 7 bucks. I had a local upholstery shop staple it up for me on a gel seat seat pan a friend had given to me. What an improvement. Much better than the 2x4 board-like stock seat. Definitely a good deal.
  6. 05 SM bought new in 06. Oil changed every 4 months which is usually under 800 miles. Motul 10W40 Semi-Synthetic. 10,000 miles on it and it runs like new.
  7. MarksFriggin

    How often do you need to reinflate your rear tire?

    +1 on that. This is what I've been doing for about 20 years now. It's probably saved me from a tow two times now. I've found nails in two tires in that time thanks to the pre-ride pressure check. If you lose more than two or three pounds of pressure from the last time you rode, look for punctures or a leaky valve.
  8. MarksFriggin

    FTW! $47.98ea dunlop 208 sm!!! sale!

    I'm sure there are other SM riders here that will tell stories about their 208SM's being very unpredictable and sliding out when they least expected it. I experienced that myself. The tires are probably fine for commuting but I stick to my statement that they were the worst stock tires I've ever had. Maybe 8 bikes in 25 years wasn't enough to find even worse tires.
  9. MarksFriggin

    FTW! $47.98ea dunlop 208 sm!!! sale!

    I agree, they're awful tires. Perhaps the worst stock tires I've ever been on in the past 25 years. I switched to Pilot Powers, couldn't be happier.
  10. MarksFriggin

    New Yoshimura low mount dual exhaust?

    So much for being a "one off deal" ... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=774907
  11. MarksFriggin

    Crankcase Bolt not coming loose!

    Wild guess... you never change the drain plug washer.
  12. MarksFriggin

    New Yoshimura low mount dual exhaust?

    Did they give details on pricing at the dealer expo?
  13. MarksFriggin

    Etiquette for passing other riders

    I just honk the horn for about 30 seconds, pass on the inside after faking them out pretending to pass on the outside, stand up, bend over , flip them the finger and ride off into the sunset... and then I wonder why I don't have any friends.
  14. MarksFriggin

    New Yoshimura low mount dual exhaust?

    Ahhh.. bummer. Thanks Eddie.
  15. Sorry if this has already been posted. I searched and didn't find anything. I found this on Cycle World's web site this morning. Has anyone read anything about it? I can't find any information other than this one picture that had no description. (This was at the Dealernews International Powersports Dealer Expo)