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  1. johned

    Title Question

    Ask your DMV or county clerk.
  2. johned

    standard seat concept seat

    OK, disregard then and I'll put it up in the classifieds.
  3. johned

    standard seat concept seat

    I bought it last Summer, but it's a little too tall for me. It was the kit that sells for $174 and then I had a local guy install it. Smooth sides and gripper top. PM me if you want it for $110 and I'll pay shipping.
  4. johned

    Stock jetting at altitude question

    Lots of opinions on this one. I live at 7000 feet in the Rockies. My stock 2013 DRZ 400S runs fine whether I'm at home or out in Utah at 4000 feet. I'm a fireroad guy not looking to thrash it. It wasn't rejetted by the dealer when I bought it.
  5. johned

    Muffler heatshield

    OK, I've ordered the shield from Giant Loops. When I get it installed I'll let you know how it works. Thanks for the responses.
  6. johned

    Muffler heatshield

    I saw that too. I'll fabricate something if I have to; I'm hoping somebody makes one I can buy.
  7. johned

    Muffler heatshield

    I want to use some soft luggage on my DRZ 400S that I've used on my other bike (BMW K75). It looks like the right side bag will be very close to the muffler and I fear I'll set it on fire. I've Googled and searched DRZ forums and found just a couple of ideas on how to distance the bag from the muffler. Anybody out there who has dealt successfully with this?
  8. johned

    Anybody using a Cycle Rack?

  9. johned

    Anybody using a Cycle Rack?

    Had one on my xt350 and it was rock solid. It is huge, but it can pack a lot of stuff. Other racks make the bike look stylish while functional....the cycleracks turns your bike into a pickup truck. I loved it.