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  1. V500

    More BBR frame cradle grief

    My Cradle did had some misalignment holes but not that bad......I did follow an old posting on "tips on istalling the cradle" and it helped a bunch...
  2. V500

    weight of a 2001 yz250f

    No problems here
  3. I went from an xr400 to my yz250f......I ride with my kids one weeknd and the other I go with my buddies on long trail rides. If all you want is to cruise around with your kids I suggest an xr250 just in case you decide to go on a nice trail ride with your buddies. XR's are bullet proof.
  4. V500

    moving on from my tt-r 125L

    Just remember this.....the dirt is softer than the asphalt
  5. V500

    Wheel spokes.......

    I was charged $30 to do my wheel (rear)
  6. V500

    motors blow not worth building

    I see bikes as throw aways...ride them hard till they break (4 yrs)....then get a new (used) and start all over.
  7. 3 to 5 hours???? Wow I live in AZ and do mostly trail rides and I change the oil every 10 rides (2.5 hr rides) without any problems...yz250f
  8. V500

    Service manuals

    I just order a cd version through e-bay for $10 and they claim it can be printed...we'll see.
  9. V500

    Service manuals

    Dude you are not kidding....Huge File...The problem is that it can not be printed..
  10. V500

    Oil Filter

    I have use both the 142 and 141 (HIFLO)....The 141 seems to fit a bit better and I am seriously considering returning the 142 for a 141. BTW: The HIFLO is also a brass mesh style.
  11. V500

    Oil Filter

    Thx for the reply Bro...I got an e-mail from a sales rep at HIFLO and he suggested the same (142)....thx
  12. V500

    Oil Filter

    I use HIFLO filters on my 2001 yz250f...The web sites calls for a "HF141" but the hard copy catalog at the local store calls out for "HF142"....&%$#@! Which one to believe???
  13. V500

    Here is the pic working!Graphic

    I'm with you dirttrackin....I don't even care to see my own ACL operation pics...
  14. V500

    thoughts on ttr125L vs. CRF150

    Last year I looked at both (for my 12 yr old son) and I went blue due to its weight first and price second. Many people talk about the 200+cc kits for the cr150f....is that the case why not get a yz250f...that's what I ride.
  15. V500

    ttr-125 tube/tire

    Even though I do also replace the tube every time I get flat....I don't see what's the problem with a patch? I don't do the work myself so I am pretty much forced to buy a new tube but hmmm I may just try it next time.. Still why not patch???