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  1. My Cradle did had some misalignment holes but not that bad......I did follow an old posting on "tips on istalling the cradle" and it helped a bunch...
  2. No problems here
  3. I went from an xr400 to my yz250f......I ride with my kids one weeknd and the other I go with my buddies on long trail rides. If all you want is to cruise around with your kids I suggest an xr250 just in case you decide to go on a nice trail ride with your buddies. XR's are bullet proof.
  4. Just remember this.....the dirt is softer than the asphalt
  5. I was charged $30 to do my wheel (rear)
  6. I see bikes as throw aways...ride them hard till they break (4 yrs)....then get a new (used) and start all over.
  7. 3 to 5 hours???? Wow I live in AZ and do mostly trail rides and I change the oil every 10 rides (2.5 hr rides) without any problems...yz250f
  8. I just order a cd version through e-bay for $10 and they claim it can be printed...we'll see.
  9. Dude you are not kidding....Huge File...The problem is that it can not be printed..
  10. I have use both the 142 and 141 (HIFLO)....The 141 seems to fit a bit better and I am seriously considering returning the 142 for a 141. BTW: The HIFLO is also a brass mesh style.
  11. Thx for the reply Bro...I got an e-mail from a sales rep at HIFLO and he suggested the same (142)....thx
  12. I use HIFLO filters on my 2001 yz250f...The web sites calls for a "HF141" but the hard copy catalog at the local store calls out for "HF142"....&%$#@! Which one to believe???
  13. I'm with you dirttrackin....I don't even care to see my own ACL operation pics...
  14. Last year I looked at both (for my 12 yr old son) and I went blue due to its weight first and price second. Many people talk about the 200+cc kits for the cr150f....is that the case why not get a yz250f...that's what I ride.
  15. Even though I do also replace the tube every time I get flat....I don't see what's the problem with a patch? I don't do the work myself so I am pretty much forced to buy a new tube but hmmm I may just try it next time.. Still why not patch???