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  1. Backagain

    KDX200 plastics?

    Jeff is a good guy. Shrouds and side panels on my wife's KDX were interchangeable with my KX500. Her bike was an early 90's. I think the seat is also.(not sure). good luck
  2. Backagain

    Saturday 6/24 LPNF\Hungry Valley

    Cool, White Chev Red Ramp Green KX 250 Roger
  3. Backagain

    Saturday 6/24 LPNF\Hungry Valley

    Sounds great, I plan on being there around 8am for a morning (pre heat) ride. I can't make it a full day but I'll pm you with #'s.
  4. Backagain

    Buying a 2000 DRZ... Questions?

    I am going to check out a 2000 DRZ that was converted to dual sport via "Baja Designs" kit. Any advice on things to look for? Thanks Backagain
  5. Backagain

    DR Battery - Needed?

    Ok, I my DR 350 (street) has a got me frustrated with a battery draining issue. Wanted your thoughts on pro vs. con on loosing the battery. I have read and agree that (for safety) in case I find my self on a unlit highway after dark I will be wishing I had a battery. Truth is that my DR only sees cement 5% of the time. I only use the road when traveling between trails and always travel in packs. I am all about safety but don't foresee getting stuck alone at night. Sorry if this has been covered, but I only found one previous post on this topic. Thanks in advance for insight, "Backagain"
  6. Backagain

    DR 350 Suspension?

    thanks! I have been hanging out (Lurking) on TT but have wondered where the 350's crew was. re: spring rate - Cool I'll check out RT. later, BA
  7. Backagain

    DR 350 Suspension?

    Did a search but could not find a recommended set-up. I weigh 190 (with gear) and would be doing trial rides with an occasional Desert Run. I would like to set up the forks with new springs. Which would you recommend? If you are leaning toward recommending switching to RM forks, what years will fit a '91 DR350? For the shock I will have it serviced but think the stock spring will be ok. Any other suggestions? thanks for the help
  8. Backagain

    Drz-400 2000-2004?

    Whoohoo! 185 lbs. is the target weight... I AM 182 (without gear) . Going to have to sell my '91 DR 350 and upgrade. thanks guys! Roger
  9. Backagain

    Drz-400 2000-2004?

    Excellent info guys! Appreciate the time to reply. Sounds like the DRZ is the way to go but need to evaluate the suspension. re:700AICS- thanks for the info but you remind me what the ACCT. vs MCCT is? (assume its Automatic Clutch or Compression or? vs. Manual...) Are there any other factors to consider before looking for a DRZ? thanks Roger
  10. Backagain


    Some aggressive riding but mostly single track trials but I will google info about the brace. thanks for the suggestion, Roger
  11. Backagain

    Drz-400 2000-2004?

    Got bit by the bug again and plan to start with a D/S bike. I am considering a used DRZ and wanted to hear "Actual Riders" opinion's and views on the differences of the DR from the years 2000 - 2004. I have many years of riding but mostly 2 stroke so I did not follow the progression of the DR. I recall Dr's to be reliable solid (but heavy) bike. Any thoughts...? Thanks Roger BTW- I did a search prior to posting sorry if I missed a thread that already covers this.
  12. Backagain


    Been off my 1990 DR 350 for a few years, all is well again and I'm set to get back on the trails. Prior to my break, I had ridden for 10 years (90% 2stroke). My question is: How reliable of a fast trail/DS and controllable bike can I make this? I am not trying to replace a 2stroke with a 4stroke, just don't want to get bored with this bike after I throw money at it for parts and upgrades. Or am I better off selling the DR and redirecting the money that I would have invested in upgrades into a newer (2000-2004) DRZ? Looks like I should be able to get a used DRZ (in my area) for $3k. If I keep the DR I was planning on re-valving the suspension (front/rear) and a new exhaust. (any suggestions on which pipe? cheap/quite is good) The rest of the repairs are basic maintenance (clean/lube & tune). Does anyone have any additional suggestions? thanks for the time, Roger