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  1. Good job on getting for that price! This weekend will be like christmas all over again for you, enjoy the ride this weekend!
  2. It makes you grin from ear to ear under your helmet to ride with them, especially when you can hear them laughing over the noise of the bikes. Smith, your daughter looks great on her bike! I wish I could figure out how to post pictures:bonk:
  3. Just to let everyone know, I did not crash, wreck, lay it down or even put a scratch on the bike yet. I am going to put radiator braces on it, because you know sooner or later its gonna happen.
  4. I had mine 07 250X for two weekends when I trashed my knee. Oh well, I've got brand new bike with 19 miles on the odometer waiting for me when I get better. Hey that don't sound to bad after all. What hurts my feelings more than anything is my almost 7 year old boy asking daddy when can we ride again. I really enjoy watching that little fellow ride his CRF50, he will ride all day long if I let him.
  5. So far all I have gotten around to doing is drilling 11/16 hole in th baffle. I guess I will start on the airbox next. I hate to sound like a wimp but my knee and these dang pills have been giving me a fit! There supposed to remove the staples Monday. I think there going to start physical therapy this week, from what I hear, it's gonna hurt!!!
  6. Just got home from the hospital tonight, this is the most pain i have ever been in in my life. They had to reconstruct my ACL, repair the torn ligament on the side of my leg, and repaired some damaged cartledge, 60 staples and 3 days later i finally make it home. My advice for anyone who rides hard is a a pair of good knee braces that wont let you hyperextend your knee.
  7. Thanks for the advice and good wishes.
  8. Captain, Had an MRI done today, definitely tore the ACL apart. Surgery for reconstruction is scheduled for friday at 11:00 am. Doctor said I should be walking basicly normal in 6 weeks, but would take up to a year to be 100%. I'm hoping the doctor is right. I won't be riding without knee braces ever again, I feel just like you do, can't afford to injure a knee again. Oh and I did do it while riding:censored: hurt for about 5 minutes after I popped it and stopped hurting. I rode about 3 more hours, came inside laid down for awhile and my knee swoll up like a soccer ball I knew I was in trouble then. Oh well, one of lifes little set backs. Ok Doc, do a good job I Wanna Ride, I Wanna Ride etc etc.
  9. Smith, Sounds like a well laid plan. I ruptured my ACL in my right knee saturday, going to have surgery at the end of this week:censored: . So I will have a couple of weeks to rejet carb, mod air box and baffle before I can ride again. Once I get back to where I can ride hard again I'll start on the suspension. Thanks for the good advice. By the way anybody know which is a good knee brace? Keith
  10. Smith, I know there are tons of info in these posts, but what would be your recipe for mods. From what I read in the post you seem to know your stuff. Also which runs better, the baffle removed or the 11/16 hole drilled in the baffle end cap? Thanks Keith
  11. I've got the same plan. After getting use to the bike I plan on carb jetting, exhaust and air filter. I wonder if the stock 250R dual exhaust system will work on this bike if you move the reservoir.? I have a friend with an 06' 250R who is changing his exhaust and will give me the stock system.
  12. Rode about 3 hours today, still haven't stopped smiling! I'll change the oil tomorrow and enjoy the hell out of it somemore! Ran 93 octane in it, is there a need for some better fuel, higher octane?
  13. My XR was in perfect condition, but looked and felt 20 years old in technology compared to the 250x.
  14. Picked up my 07 CRF250X tonight! Replaced my 2002 XR250R with it. Rode it a few minutes when I got home in the dark. Man what a difference in power! Cant what till I get off work tomorrow so I can play. What kind of break in does everyone recommend? Thanks Keith
  15. I have a Supertrapp IDS 2 tuneable muffler I would like to sell if interested. Thanks Keith