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  1. FasterThanMost

    Im Not Agressive enough

    try sit ups push ups running stairs weight training and swimming laps in a pool. Transposing what you want to do on the track into what you do on the trac requires fitness. Most guys just smoke joints play video games and think they can turn out 15 practice laps and a few can but for the every day guy it takes fitness.
  2. FasterThanMost

    Recommended Mods 04 cr250X

    cut air box per Rick Ramsey, Pull the screen off the air filter carriage, Cut the pink wire, AP pump and Quickshot Cover, Applied Racing Bypass kit, Power Now Valve, Pro Circuit Titanium Valves, Hot Cams Stage 1, White Bros E2 Exhaust and Head Pipe then jetted 158 main 42 pilot stock leak jet, JD needle jet 5th clip Zip Ty Racing fuel screw out 2 1/4 turns blows most guys 250r's off the track check my profile for bike pic.
  3. FasterThanMost

    Recommended mods for my new 06 250X

    Before I ever rode my 04 250X I did the following. Removed screen from Air Filter frame. Cut Airbox Pink Wire Mod AP mod and Quickshot cover Power Now Valve Pro Circuit Titanium Valves Hot Cams Cam and Flywheel (heavier) Whie Brothers E2 Exhaust and Head Pipe after all your mods are done then go jet the bike and replace the stock Air Screw All that and some good VP 100 OCT. love juice and your bike will never bog again
  4. FasterThanMost

    Pro Wheel Rims?

    I have had the oppurtunity to run a few sets of Pro Wheels. I have cracked 2 fronts at the seam and have bent 1 back rim. However with that said they still held up better than those over hyped over priced excels. The fact of the matter is that stock D.I.D rims are the only ones that seem to hold up under racing conditions. Id reccomend finding someone to anodize your stockers. After that consult the Tech Tips section here in forums there is a detailed article with photos on how to lace your own wheels its not that hard and will be a rewarding experience.
  5. FasterThanMost

    '04 CRF250X won't start!

    Just a suggestion to check small things first it saves time and money. Im not in here to come off as better or more knowledgable than anyone just to offer simple suggestions and to give a different possibility to the scenario. I also figure that being a 12 year MMI graduate a mechanic for AMA Arenacross racers and a 5 time Baja 1000 finishing team would give people the incentive to check the small things first then work your way up the list. yes I agree that a bike that is hard to start could definitly be a valve clearance issue. Probalbly more often than not Id say when it comes to guys that ride alot and ride hard. But people who only ride when they get a chance and are not as tuned in to the upkeep of the bike will let things happen like fuel break down gumming the carb etc. Putting things together improperly etc. Geez I mean some people dont even realize their bikes dont start with the kickstand down and bring it in for repairs. As far as the kill switch goes I only listed it as a potential cause for the bike not starting not the exact problem and it has been a common problem on the X models simply due to improper assembly of the switch after a bar change or lever change. So once again just THINK check the small stuff first and work your way up the list. I also wanted to say that most of the people using this site and forum are not racers or Joe Hardcore know it all types, they are your average person with little knowledge of how to make the most simple repairs or adjustments to their bikes or they wouldnt need to ask the questions. Id be willing to bet over half the people using these forums dont have the know how take off a rear wheel for a tire change much less tackleing a valve clearence check (no matter how easy this seems to you and I.) The point was and still is a lot of the time what seems like a major issue is really something small half the time and it would save the weekend rider time and money to check smaller issues first and work their way up. Which if you think about it makes sense even to a top notch mechaninc like yourself.
  6. FasterThanMost

    Does a '06 CRF250R number plate fit a '06 CRF250X

    I will take some step by step photos and post them later tonight.
  7. FasterThanMost

    Does a '06 CRF250R number plate fit a '06 CRF250X

    why use zip ties and velcro or double sided tape when all you have to do is get 2 small 1 inch L brackets bolt them on to your headlamp mounts hold the plate up where you want it nice and straight mark where the holes go drill 2 small holes bolt the plate to the L brackets with the heads counter sunk. Put your back ground and number on and walla you have a number plate and a headlight and can take one off and put the other on in less than 1 minute. That a slight gear change a few suspension adjustments and you can switch from trail bike to track bike in less than an hour. See my bike for finished look.
  8. Have any of you wondered how your X model would look with a regular numberplate or just wished it was easy to switch back and forth from headlight to number plate to make the transition form trail to track. well there is a solution all you need are 2 bolts 2 washers 2 nuts and 2 1 inch L brackets to acheive the look in the pic shown here. This is an 04 CRF250X and it only takes three minutes to switch back and forth MAX. Enjoy hope it helps.
  9. FasterThanMost

    Bog Problem

    man Im just scrathin my head thinking to myself should YOU be doing your valves if you have to ask that question Just a thought.
  10. FasterThanMost

    '04 CRF250X won't start!

    I have a lot of guys bringin bikes into the shop sayin the bike wont start but it ran good last time I rode it or it will start then wont start Blah Blah Blah almost 80 percent of the time the problem ends up being they went for a ride came home cleaned there bike took there levers off or what not and the pesky kill switches always fall apart they then put the kill switch together wrong and it is on kill and they dont know it. it will start sometimes if the contact slips or is barely touching but it is quite a common problem. Dont get suckered on valve jobs until you check the simple things first. then drain the gas then take your carb off and clean it then consult a mechanic to check your valves. just a thought.
  11. FasterThanMost

    Headlight or Number Plate Simple Solution

    I found a very simple way to change your X model CRF from headlight to number plate for those who want to zip it around the track. Once the plate is made it takes about 3 minutes to switch one for the other. It is very simple all you need are 2 1 inch L brackets 2 small carriage bolts 2 washers existing hardware for headlight mount simply bolt the L brackets on to the stock triple clamp with your existing mounting hardware Hold new #plate in position desired ( I found a WR426 works perfect) and mark dots on plate through the holes in the L bracket with sharpie or marker.. drill small holes in plate where you marked them for drilling remove mounting hardware and L brackets from clamp insert threaded end of carriage bolts through the front of the plate attach L brackets with washer and nuts and tighten just snug hold plate in position line up L brackets with triple clamp mount and bolt onto bike tighten carriage bolts from front of plate with screwdriver now all you have to switch anytime you want is remove and install to mounting bolts from your top clamp takes about 15 minutes to make plate and about 3 to switch back and forth to ride your chosen condition of track or trail. below is a picture of the finished product. Looks nice I think.
  12. FasterThanMost

    CRF250 X and R: Photo and Total mods

    First thing people will probalby notice is the lack of headlight. I made some custom brackets and used a number plate for WR426 to make my own custom plate for when I wanna spin this bike around the track. It takes about 3 minutes to switch from headlight to plate or vice versa. As far as mods go I dont think I could list em all. so Im not even gonna try but if someone sees something thy like I could tell em where to get it. I originally bought this bike because in California you can get a green sticker to ride year round where as the 250R is limited season Red Sticker only.However with simple removal of the smog annister and the addition of a Applied Racing bypass kit and complete carb changes and jetting You get the race version minus a few simple gearing changes. After having the bike awhile there where a few other things I really loved about it. #1 was the easier airbox accesability. #2 was the longer wheel base you can really fly through the whoops in third and never worry about dropping in. #3 was how easy it is to switch the bike from track to trail or vice versa. All ay gotta do is pop the head light off throw the plate on that takes 3 minutes switch the gearing a bit another 20 minutes throw on your hand guards another 10 soften your suspenion dampning and rebound adjustments another 5 if you keep your settings written down, and in less than an hour you have a complete different set up. Basically I love this bike because it is the perfect track and trail bike ever created in one mans opinion anyway. I raced this bike at an Arenacross and it was totally competitive. Anyhow enjoy the pics.
  13. FasterThanMost

    CRF250 X and R: Photo and Total mods

    nice to see guys in here who appreciate making their bikes as nice as I do and then crashing and doing it all again. Life is sweet.