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  1. hubbardpaul

    DR650 airbox question

    thanks, do you happen to know about how many turns to turn the fuel air mixture screw to get the least amount of popping on decel? K&N filter snorkel and lid removed, two bros exhaust stage 2 dynojet 170 main at sea level.
  2. On a late model DR650 Why do an airbox mod as opposed to just leaving the airbox cover off?
  3. hubbardpaul

    DR650 two bros. exhaust

    I',m from Edmonds a few miles North of Seattle.
  4. hubbardpaul

    DR650 two bros. exhaust

    It's my brothers and it the nicest looking slip on I've ever seen, but I had trouble putting it on. It didn't "slip on" and I think they sent us the wrong model. In about a week there sending a new one up from Calif. and then I should know if it works as good as looks.
  5. hubbardpaul

    DR650 two bros. exhaust

    thanks, did you recently buy the pipe or did you have it for a few months? If its not a problem could you tell me if the serial # on the s bend is005-64-0406
  6. hubbardpaul

    DR650 two bros. exhaust

    My brother has an 05 dr650 and after about 6 months he finally was able to get a two bros slip on. When I tried to install the s-bend the bolt hole nearest the head pipe was about half an inch off. I put an punch through the hole and tried to force the s-bend into place but I felt I would have to put to much pressure on the pipe and it would bend or snap something. We looked at the part numbers on the pipe and on the two bros website and they did not match. We sent the pipe to two bros and there engineers swear its the right part. Any body else have a recently purchased two bros? Did you have problems putting it on?