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    What the Heck??

    I sat reading this thread through and finally at the end someone helped him. I'm new to strokers, but have been riding 2-stroke my whole life. I've had friends on banshees problem solve for almost an hour wondering why their bike wouldn't start - spraying stuff in the carb to get it to start, only to have it die again... checking plugs... finally... yeah, no gas. Did we razz him? OH YEAH!! Then we helped him put the gas in. I think the razzing was justified, but then tell him how much oil to put in.
  2. lekkers33

    04 crf 450 noise

    Thanks for your input and welcome to TT, I really appreciate this. You guys rock. I'll start checking those ideas.
  3. lekkers33

    04 crf 450 noise

    A few months ago I bought an 04 crf 450. It's my first 4-stroke so I noticed the knocking and everyone told me it was normal. However... I just went to the dunes (Imperial) and only rode a couple of hours and noticed an increase in what seems to be a different noise. It sounds like it's coming more from the bottom end of things. I hear it more when in gear than an idle. It still starts and runs great, but I'm not sure... I hear it more when I'm going. It just doesn't seem normal. I come from 2strokes and am not familiar with the 4stroke sounds. Any help would be great. Oh, All fluids were fresh for the trip.