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  1. Merjil27

    Quick question

    Whoops! Troubleshooting direction still applies, minus the carb. Add fuel pump and fuel filter to the list as well. I'm not as familiar as I should be with the fuel injected bikes.
  2. This is the likely culprit, but could be valve clearance as well. The hillbilly stethescope method HRC mentioned above works wonders.
  3. Merjil27

    Quick question

    Try the petcock, then the gas cap vent line. After that, the carb.
  4. Merjil27

    2009 kx250f wont kick start cold!

    The owner's manual is a great start. A lot of useful information is in there, including jetting specs. (right up your alley) I would also get the tech manual. That will have all of the specs and directions for completely tearing down your engine/chassis.
  5. Merjil27

    head gasket? water pump? please help

    Firstly, take a deep breath and don't stress out about it. You're going to be down for a bit, you don't want to run the bike with water in the oil. I strongly suggest getting your hands on a manual of sorts. You're going to need the torque specs and general engine prep. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=2006+kawasaki+kx250f+manual A basic set of Metric sockets are in order as well. A gasket set for your particular year/make/model. Lastly, some patience and diligence. You can do this.
  6. Merjil27

    2009 kx250f wont kick start cold!

    Hrm, that's not too cold really. Again, try the easy route and adjust your pilot jet. It should be on the front end of your carb (cylinder side). I don't know your mechanical aptitude or abilities, but chances are that buying a manual for your bike and getting hands on will be far cheaper than taking it to a shop. This type of stuff is pretty easy. Plus the satisfaction of doing it yourself and gaining the knowledge is a huge bonus.
  7. Merjil27

    2009 kx250f wont kick start cold!

    I'm confused about the bold part. There are a couple of things in play here. When it is cold(er) outside, the air is more dense, creating a leaner situation in your carb. When you turn the choke on, you're actually opening another fuel circuit, allowing more fuel into the carb, hence why it wants to start in this manner. What is the temperature there? Also, when your bike is warmed up, it may be that it is just hot enough to thin out the air getting to your engine. Starting with the easiest route, try adjusting your pilot jet out a turn or so. This will allow more fuel to the carb and hopefully help with the lean situation. If that doesn't help, check your valves to make sure they're in spec.
  8. Merjil27

    head gasket? water pump? please help

    I believe you're on the right track. Milky oil is a definite sign of water getting into your oil. White smoke and the sweet smell is you burning coolant. You're going to need some gaskets at the minimum. I'm not very familiar with the kawi setup, but you're going to need to check out every spot that the coolant comes close to an oil passage. A manual would help as well.
  9. Merjil27

    &%$#@! am i doing wrong?

    Best guess from what you've told us is that you forgot an o-ring somewhere in the master cylinder area. If there is no fluid loss in the system, and you're not building the required pressure, start looking at the sealing areas.
  10. Merjil27

    1978 XL 250 Oil leak behind spark plug

    That tunnel you refer to is a drainage built into the head. My guess is it is a crack in the head or a blown gasket, either of which is leaking oil into the drainage passage. You're going to have to remove the head to get a better look. You should be able to find a gasket kit online for relatively cheap.
  11. Merjil27

    hiflow oil filter

    HF116 is what you're looking for. Seems to cover all years of the CRF450R. It's been a long while since I've had a Parts Unlimited Catalog in front of me, so it's hard for me to say what the 115 was for... If you still have it around, put the two next to each other and do an eyeball comparison.
  12. And the OP's last pick is of two dudes kissing ... a gold cup And I don't see any elves riding aggro, just a helmet.
  13. Merjil27

    More power = more fatigue?

    Your thread title says it all. But you're heading down the right track with riding technique, also suspension definitely helps. Pretty sure there is less of a holding on for dear life effect from a 250f versus a 450f.
  14. I always tossed just a bit of air in the tube when I put them back in. Sometimes, when the tube is brand new, it twisted when I put it in the tire carcass. I'd inflate it just a bit to get the twist out, and proceed to complete the install. It's a coin toss, I've seen em go in both ways, and I've seen em pop both ways.