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    82' xl500r honda

    I also have a 82 XL 500 and am having much the same problem ......when I start the engine it will smoke real bad and after going up and down the street it will taper off to almost no smoke. If I let it idle for a few Minuit's it starts to make a sound of boiling oil WHAT GIVES ??? I just picked up 2 xr 500 part bikes and was going to use the top end on the XL but they are a bit different they have a reed cage in the head will the XR top end work on the XL?
  2. I moved the clip up one notch and she ran a bit stronger ......do you think I should move it up one more it's in the third from the top notch now?
  3. I will give that a try thank you for your input When the exhaust was stock I found that after running the road for any distance the engine was sluggish all the way through bottom to top range I wonder if it was running rich . It's not as sluggish with the exhaust mod after running the road I still have enough power to stand er up but I hope to dial it in a bit. I wont have a chance to try it out until the weekend I will post the results sat or sun
  4. Hot engine mid to top end is a bit more slugish but bottom end seems almost the same as when cool
  5. It runs well but it's a bit flat around mid range
  6. O.K maybe you need more info. my elevation is 182 I think The stock main jet is 155 pilot is 40 needle is 5dp7-2 the stock outlet of the exhaust was 1" and the new outlet hole is 1 1/2" and is at the end of the pipe giving the exhaust a straight line of flow through the baffle as apposed to the original rout of the stock exhaust.
  7. Hi new guy here..........I have a 300 Polaris xpress 4 Wheeler (2 stroke) My question is I did a mod to my exhaust I drilled a 1 1/2" hole in the end of my muffler and installed a snorkel made of 2" id pipe with a total snorkel length of I think 36" I also plugged the original exhaust outlet and changed the stock air filter to a foam UNI filter. I have not messed with the jetting yet and it seems to run just fine maybe Even stronger off the line. I realize that I have changed the flow and it's less restrictive so can I jet for more power? How do I go about it will I need to change the needle as well as the main jet? I live in Niagara falls I'm not sure what elevation I'm at to see a picture of the snorkel click the link it's in the album named my poo poo http://ca.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/shawnwilton/my_photos